EVERY change in the Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer Season 2)



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TV version vs Movie (Blu Ray) version! Here are all the new cuts! 2 things before you comment. Yes....I know Akaza is upper 3 not 6....I'm sorry. I also called Enmu a demon baddie because he/she's the bad guy. I didn't mean it in a weird way. lol :P One thing I did not mention is that the movie has an exclusive scene in the beginning where Ubuyashiki is walking through a graveyard. That's about everything... 💗Reaction Videos & Un-censored versions: 🤍🤍patreon.com/registryedits 😀 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍🤍youtube.com/🤍EditsRegistry/?sub_confirmation=1 👉UPDATES: 🤍twitter.com/EditsRegistry 💙DONATE: 🤍streamlabs.com/editsregistry/tip Video Guidelines: ① THIS VIDEO IS SPOILER FREE. No information for future manga chapters will be shared. When discussing any discrepancies in the story telling layout, the video will first and foremost follow the narrative beat of the anime. ② Any and all line changes will be referenced from the Japanese versions of both the manga and the anime. Official English translations will then be shown as examples. If the Japanese grammar has only changed slightly, it will not be mentioned. ③ Minute differences between both versions won't always be mentioned, such as revised background art, slightly different facial expressions, character repositioning, and transitional animation to close the gap between manga panels. If they play a big enough role in impacting the narrative however, they will be mentioned. ④ Accreditation for key animation and the like is subject to change as new information comes to light and will be added to the video description. ⑤ This video seeks to be as unbiased as humanly possible. Each version has its pros and cons and those facts will be laid out in a morally conscious and fair manner. Most importantly...I'm not infallible. I make mistakes sometimes. Make sure to let me know if you think I got something wrong and I'll try to fix it next time. Take care everyone :) Music by White Bat Audio CHAPTERS - 0:00 Intro 0:20 Episode 1 1:05 Episode 2 4:17 Episode 3 5:46 Episode 4 13:06 Episode 5 16:09 Episode 6 19:30 Episode 7 21:47 Conclusion Have a great day everyone!

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EVERY change in the Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer Season 2)
EVERY change in the Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer Season 2)
EVERY change in the Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer Season 2)
EVERY change in the Mugen Train Arc (Demon Slayer Season 2)
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2023-09-05 02:21:55

I've always liked the Upper Three versus Rengoku fight more in the movie than in the TV version, but I can't figure out why. Videos like this and my own attempts to compare them haven't shown me any differences.

2023-08-30 09:27:38

Just now I finished season 1 what should I watch next mugen train movie or TV version....if you suggest me to watch tv version should I skip the movie??

2023-08-10 18:29:09

Tanjiro’s “balls of steel” moment is undoubtedly when he had to kill himself multiple times to snap out of the dream during Mugen Train..he felt every second of it!

2023-07-31 17:13:14

_5KBgHIxtDA&t=17m46s 17:46 right after the upper SIX demon drops in

2023-07-18 11:21:30

Is Not saison 2 😑

2023-07-16 02:02:06

Fun fact: For the 1st episode it does add some meaning as the food he eats on the mugen train is the same food he gets from the Old lady and Kid!

2023-07-04 09:10:38

_5KBgHIxtDA&t=15m57s 15:57 from nezuko-chan to nezuko-chad💀

2023-06-30 14:31:17

Mister Rengoku! 😭

He's been my favorite Hashira so far. I was so sad he died.

2023-06-27 15:17:07

@ _5KBgHIxtDA&t=12m33s 12:33 , that sounds like a speedrun strat lol. I can hear it now:

"If you jump back into the hole right as tanjiro starts his dialouge, you can skip the dialouge entirely, saving about 15 seconds."

2023-06-26 14:16:28

_5KBgHIxtDA&t=16m03s 16:03 ngl i'd have the same reaction if i saw my sibling looking like that

2023-06-23 17:00:12

I think you can tell I like Rengoku

2023-06-21 23:35:34

So why did they make movies?

2023-06-16 05:42:26

Is ufotable really pronounced like that?

2023-06-09 00:15:07

I've heard rengoku has his eardrums damaged, which would explain why he screamed so much, maybe he simply didn't realize how loud he is, while his excitement takes up. Normally people are too embarassed to do something like that, their excitement often gets suprassed by anxiety, it's especially hard when you can actually hear yourself, "what eyes haven't seen, heart will not worry" we say where I live. Althought I feel like he might have do that on purpose. No one would like to be locked in a chamber with some tall and wide man with weirdly shaped haori, bright colours all around his appearance, "probably" armed, screaming how delicious his food is every few seconds. What if he knew exactly what he's doing? Maybe he wanted the wagon all empty to make it easier to communicate with his upcoming comrades

2023-06-08 12:35:16


2023-06-03 04:28:45

Dont want to watch cuz spoilers but im planning to watch soon, which is better? Should i just skip the movie cause the show does it better with more content?

2023-05-31 16:36:29

Weirdly I saw the show instead of the movie,thinking it was the same thing than I noticed how the show was longer than the movie

2023-05-29 23:19:46

he said upper 6... _5KBgHIxtDA&t=17m42s 17:42

2023-05-29 14:30:46

akasa is upper 3..bro

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