FPL BlackBox – FH Frenzy!

FPL BlackBox

FPL BlackBox

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FPL BlackBox – FH Frenzy!
FPL BlackBox – FH Frenzy!
FPL BlackBox – FH Frenzy!
FPL BlackBox – FH Frenzy!
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2021-01-13 14:59:20

I like Wilson but I don't like him in a Newcastle shirt laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Joseph M K
2021-01-13 09:08:19

Reall feel for Mark, 3 players from sheffield united .....and the 2 defenders on the bench.....What could hv been a mark sutherns masterclass turned into an absolute tragedy

Farabi Mahbub
2021-01-12 19:34:45

This was easily the most enjoyable/funny episode.. hope to see luke back again soon

Paul Knights
2021-01-12 13:34:46

Great show, Luke injects a sprinkle of comedy and talks great sense. Bring him back.

Duca Duke of London Town
2021-01-12 12:47:12

Great show guys.
Mcgoldrick... haha!!!

Gareth Roberts
2021-01-12 11:30:08

Language Gentlemen! I like the added extra chat at the end - deleted scenes

Kamal Mustapha
2021-01-12 11:17:55

I can't find Douglas

2021-01-12 10:51:57

Mark's argument have made me doubt Newcastle. Maybe I'll just go mad like him and take a punt on McGoldrick. It's gonna be a funny start to this game week :D

Waylander73 UK
2021-01-12 10:20:17

I always stray away from my regular team players, big hitters aside, when doing a FH team and don't know if that's good or bad.

The Hh
2021-01-12 10:08:55

Enjoyed this episode 😂

Piotr Sautycz
2021-01-12 09:59:34

The funniest fpl show by miles😁

Johnny Sin
2021-01-12 09:50:53

Luke a great addition as always

Michael Maynard
2021-01-12 09:39:36

McGlodrick is a good shout. For 1st Sub.

2021-01-12 09:29:54

Where's the legend who does the time stamps. We miss you legend

Matthew Eagles
2021-01-12 09:12:55

The AZ luke Dynamic is what's missing from most FPL pods. They're friendly/like and respect each other but you can tell they both want the other one to crash and burn in FPL.

FPL BlackBox
2021-01-12 08:38:22

I never want to be in charge of this damn stream again lol (az)

John Kedward
2021-01-12 08:34:33

Barry Douglas should come on the show as an honoured guest. He has become theee FPL cult hero. Anyway, lovely show as always. As for the Free hit pick, I also really wanted Cavani in my team, but he cost too much and would probably have limited minutes, but great to watch him play.

D- Law
2021-01-12 08:25:43

Az comment about Dier in his team was fantastic:)

2021-01-12 08:22:39

Just throw your mic out az. As good as useless lol love the pod tho 😁

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