FPL BlackBox | Red Missed | Fantasy Premier League 22/23 | GW 27

FPL BlackBox

FPL BlackBox

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Az (🤍fplblackbox_az) and Mark (🤍ffscout_mark) have finally both had good Gameweek's. Both managers didn't play the wildcard last week, and are in dreamland with the results. Tune in for all the information ahead of GW27! 🧠 Thanks to our sponsor of this episode - Better Help. This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at 🤍betterhelp.com/blackbox and get on your way to being your best self. 🌏 Special mention to NORD VPN too. Grab your EXCLUSIVE NordVPN Deal by going to 🤍nordvpn.com/scout to get up a huge discount off your NordVPN Plan + a bonus gift! It’s completely risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! 👍 🖋️ Don't forget to Like this video and Subscribe to FPL Blackbox… 🤍bit.ly/3jwrN96 ⚽ … and join the FPL BlackBox league! Code: 3v7dq9 We greatly appreciate all SuperChats as a way of supporting the stream! - 🟢 All team / player stats are from Fantasy Football Scout. Be Better at FPL by signing up - 🤍Bit.ly/FFSBlackBox - Follow us: 🐦 TWITTER: 🤍FPLBlackBox_Az (Az) | 🤍ffscout_mark (Mark) | 🤍FPLBlackbox_ (Podcast) 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍🤍instagram.com/az_fpl (Az) - #FPLBlackBox #FPL #FantasyPremierLeague #PremierLeague #GW27 Fantasy Football Scout, Fantasy Football Tips, Fantasy Football Gameweek 27 - Lobby 0:00 Start 1:45 Thanks to our Sponsor - BetterHelp 5:08 GW26 Points Review 6:28 Great & The Good 27:47 Fixture Planning 30:01 Team Data 44:03 Player Data 54:09 Predictions 1:23:47 Captaincy (Mark loses video...) 1:36:21 GW27 Team Reveals 1:43:35 BB Leagues and Outro 1:50:50 BB Leagues and Goodbyes

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FPL BlackBox | Red Missed | Fantasy Premier League 22/23 | GW 27
FPL BlackBox | Red Missed | Fantasy Premier League 22/23 | GW 27
FPL BlackBox | Red Missed | Fantasy Premier League 22/23 | GW 27
FPL BlackBox | Red Missed | Fantasy Premier League 22/23 | GW 27
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-03-11 14:21:38

smug pricks. Enjoy the next 3 weeks

2023-03-11 04:52:58

Red missed is a great name wow

Donovan Tembo
2023-03-11 04:48:34

Mark has really turned around his season.

2023-03-11 03:16:31

Bench Trent 🤣🤣🤣 Come on Mark.

2023-03-11 03:04:04

mark should definitely bench trippier over trent or odegaard unless ode is deemed unfit

2023-03-11 01:50:07

good show lads, bar Mark's camera cutting out 😆

2023-03-10 13:00:10

Due to work I’ve not been able to play much FF last time I watch BB was October 22 and thought the games got very hard as my 5m rank matched that of Mark. As I finally get close to breaking the 1m I thought I’d see how the lovely boys at BB are doing. Both in the top 1m and on track for a decent finish. Well done both, goes to show the class you both are I’ll spend the rest of the season regretting not carving out time to watch.

2023-03-10 11:41:32

Whats the problem with "optimal"? Surely it is a scientific thing

2023-03-10 09:22:31

Took a -4 . Haaaland out, Toney in!

2023-03-10 08:32:47

Another great episode guys!

2023-03-10 00:13:51

Absolutely love your pods guys but a lot of the team data section was all about Brighton and then you said "We'll talk about Brighton later..."
Totally get Az's excitement as a fan but it's OTT now gents, sorry!

2023-03-09 17:38:21

Can't believe Mark mentioned Fatal1ty, what a legend

Rui Vicente
2023-03-09 16:20:12

The palace game showed macallister testing the Keeper so many times inside the box.

2023-03-09 15:59:54

Mark deserves it

Luke Porteous
2023-03-09 15:44:05

Enjoyed this gents ⚽️

2023-03-09 15:27:39

Congratulations Mark. You had a lot of stick this season and this week success was well deserved. You stood by your principles and held firm.

2023-03-09 11:25:40

Thing is Mark is in this mess because he never learns lessons in FPL so all the talk of having to learn is a bit hard to listen to. His history of wildcarding isn't the best either as I think he even mentioned himself. If the freak gw had gone the other way I think these two would have a totally different opinion. I would honestly take any advice on wildcard and planning with a pinch of salt. All you Wildcarders stop listening to peoples opinion. It was a great week to Wildcard for many and asses over the next few. Non wildcarders got stupidly lucky and I doubt it happens again

2023-03-09 11:19:51

Man, I feel like Nostredamus having WC'd IN tripple Liverpool in GW25. Salah, Darwin, TAA....... good times...

2023-03-09 11:13:29

Haaland 7 starts in the last 6 GWs Impressive (Forwards last 6 GWs)

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