How DIFFERENT is Mugen Train's Movie To The Anime?

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How DIFFERENT is Mugen Train's Movie To The Anime?
How DIFFERENT is Mugen Train's Movie To The Anime?
How DIFFERENT is Mugen Train's Movie To The Anime?
How DIFFERENT is Mugen Train's Movie To The Anime?
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2023-06-24 17:00:09

thanks for your work. exactly what I was looking for.

2023-03-23 17:26:22

ay nice

2023-02-19 02:58:43

correct me if i am wrong: i think that the ninth form of flame breathing was not shown in the manga

2023-02-11 14:20:18

Something that broke me when watching the anime version that talked about the Bento lady was that basically, a person that Rengoku's father save was the one to prepare his son's last meal... 🥺

2023-02-07 18:33:34

I want the katana giveaway please

2023-02-06 04:58:18


2023-01-30 08:09:21

Rengoku's death made cry for no reason and made me understand how important life is

2023-01-30 00:15:40

So who prefers the manga version?

2023-01-29 06:06:18

I pity the people in Inosuke and Zenitsu’s dreams.

2023-01-28 17:45:29

where do you watch anime from in English because I'm having trouble finding one

2023-01-28 16:40:21

Inosuke predicted choo choo Charles

2023-01-28 14:29:02


2023-01-28 14:10:33

When Inosuke goes to attack Akasa, in the movie, he uses Beast Breathing Forth Fang Slice n' Dice. But in the anime, he uses Beast Breathing First Form Pierce.

2023-01-28 10:01:50

Do the entertainment district

2023-01-28 08:25:47


2023-01-27 23:00:43

Correction it is but a lot more upgraded to use the budget

2023-01-27 22:53:14

Rengokus 9th form is not in the manga but it’s in the animated version because the people wanted to use the last of their budget

2023-01-27 19:37:38

You do see him killing himself a couple of times in the manga

2023-01-27 19:05:17

In your opinion which is better, movie or the actual series?

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