How to Build a High Growth Stock Portfolio for 2021 🔥 How to Invest $10k in the Stock Market

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Mr. FIRED Up Wealth

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🔥⚠️Join the squad!: 🤍🤍 🔥 This video teaches you how to invest in stocks. Specifically, how to build a growth stock portfolio (high growth stock market portfolio). If I had $10,000 I would invest in a diversified stock portfolio like this. This video shows you how to build a stock market portfolio from scratch for beginners. Stock market for to build a stock portfolio from scratch. Where to invest $500 $1,000 $2,000 $5,000 $10,000 $100,000. Topics include: how to build a stock portfolio, stock portfolio for new investors, stock portfolio 2021, stock portfolio for long term, How to Build a High Growth Stock Portfolio for 2021, sample stock portfolio, Robinhood stocks to buy now, stock portfolio for long term investing, Robinhood stocks for beginners, how to invest in stocks for beginners, how to invest in stock market, stock investing for beginners, how to invest in stocks for beginners robinhood, stock market for noobs, how to invest in $10,000 now, how to invest now, what stocks to buy now, stock picks May 2021, stock portfolio strategy, stock market strategy, retirement planning, young investors, How To Build A Bulletproof Investment Portfolio For 2021, QQQ, ARKK, SMH, SOXX, PBW, MSOS, V, MA, NKE, NVDA, AAPL, MSFT, LMT, WING, TSCO, TSLA, U, SNOW, GRWG, Z, ZG, COIN, ETSY, DKNG, SPCE, PLNHF, UPST, TWST, MP, CRWD, SQ, TDOC, ACTC, MMEDF, and much more! 🔥 JUMP TO / TIME STAMPS: 0:00:54 Assumptions 0:02:37 ETF Bucket Explained 0:03:22 Dividend Growth Investing for FIRED (DGIF) Bucket Explained 0:04:32​ Growth Stock Bucket Explained 0:04:48 Speculative Stock Bucket Explained 0:05:14 Cash Bucket Explained 0:06:39 ETF Picks and Breakdown 0:10:40​ DGIF Picks and Breakdown 0:14:37 Growth Stock Picks and Breakdown 0:22:45 Spec Stock Picks and Breakdown 0:24:38​ Cash Breakdown 0:25:25​ MUST SEE FINALE with Pie Chart #stocks #portfolio #invest Disclaimer: The information should not be considered legal or financial advice.

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How to Build a High Growth Stock Portfolio for 2021 🔥 How to Invest $10k in the Stock Market
How to Build a High Growth Stock Portfolio for 2021 🔥 How to Invest $10k in the Stock Market
How to Build a High Growth Stock Portfolio for 2021 🔥 How to Invest $10k in the Stock Market
How to Build a High Growth Stock Portfolio for 2021 🔥 How to Invest $10k in the Stock Market
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Cool treasures
2022-04-16 21:21:16

Is there a video on how to practically invest money with boots on the ground perspective. For example given I have 2000 dollars to invest monthly how do I practically spilt that money and invest say in monthly or bi-weekly cadence as it seems fairly complex to do.

Jeffrey Williams
2022-02-25 05:53:35

How about coming back and see how you did? I would guess you are down big time

Wang Galinda
2022-02-11 17:30:46

Thank you you are the best I have seen in the market .
You took all the confusing out of stock market .
Galinda wang

Gary Scott
2022-01-02 06:43:52

Is the Nasdaq etf ticker symbol QQQ or QQQE?

Mike Lugo
2021-11-13 14:47:57

Fantastic information

2021-11-03 10:26:41

I don’t think I would be lost by following your pace, thx heaps, you are the man!

2021-11-01 16:47:52

Good info thanks

Chris Ontiveros
2021-10-20 09:47:08

I've been trading for 16 years and found you after the BLND video...If I could go back in time and coach myself, definitely the way I would lay out a portfolio, even for $10k. Quality stuff.

john mckeigney
2021-09-19 20:47:45

Giving this another go! Always picking up good info from your videos Cheers

Jamie. M. Charuk
2021-09-19 13:08:35

Great video but my question is with all the great picks you make here why would you need the ETF's ? EG I own SQ, NVDA, TWLO, CRWD, AMD.. Now if I add AMZN , RY and TSLA why would I need the ETF's ? that way you would have more money for your single picks . Just asking .Oh and for Dividends stocks it's all Canadian Reits TNT-UN, SOT-UN and BTB-UN a lot less stocks to do home work on weekly .

chopper's place
2021-09-09 03:16:26

Question please...first I love your channel and am a new subscriber... what about also investing in sector ETFs? Eg Vanguard health vht, Vanguard financial vfh, ..look at the vgt for example: it's kicking butt, it's even doing better than QQQ... VCR for consumer discretionary...they have a REIT one too ...This way you get a whole bunch of Tesla Apple Microsoft vs versus individual growth and tech stocks...
Your thoughts?....I'm 59, cdn and have $199k of TELUS stock to diversify... And yes I still plan to invest in Apple Microsoft Facebook Amazon medical stocks REITs QQQ ARKK as well as sector ETFs

IJsbrand Klip
2021-09-04 07:09:23

Very nice and informative video! I also like the deep dives 👍🏻

2021-08-28 19:21:59

Thank you so ooooh much 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Jay Harper
2021-08-28 14:47:44

Going all in on these for my roth

Raz Sasi
2021-08-21 09:42:12

Hey eric, new on your channel, wanted to ask, isn’t it too many stocks for a small portfolio?
Who is better in your opinion? Draftking or sq? (Not same sector)

Hazar Tabban
2021-08-20 15:10:09

Very good video with lots of helpful ideas for a start. I would like to ask you what would you do in TDOC, as it dropped significantly since April /May 2021?

Jay Harper
2021-08-13 19:06:03

Hey Eric! Not seeking financial advice, but do you think that adding more than 27 to this portfolio would be overkill in terms of potential growth? Most of the additions that I have in mind are high conviction stocks like NET and DDOG. Thanks for all you do!

anita trinh
2021-08-13 14:54:37

Love this video! As a young growth investor, would you recommend avoiding faang stocks?

Nathan Repke
2021-08-09 17:53:41

What do you think of holding a total stock market mutual fund, for example SWTSX?

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