I Finished Reading My First Manga and it was Berserk.



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Over lockdown, I read the entire series of Berserk by Kentaro Miura and these are all my thoughts on the story as a whole. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to stay up to date on the latest; Videos, Talks, and funniest moments from all games and discussions experienced on Stream! Socials 📸 🤍🤍instagram.com/mugenattano/?hl=en 🤍twitter.com/MugenAttanno Outro Song by Five V 🤍🤍youtube.com/watch?v=kHvwQqMScUE #Berserk #Manga #Fantasy

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I Finished Reading My First Manga and it was Berserk.
I Finished Reading My First Manga and it was Berserk.
I Finished Reading My First Manga and it was Berserk.
I Finished Reading My First Manga and it was Berserk.
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2023-11-24 05:43:07

If you like Berserk, give Claymore a chance... It is like if witcher were females and is sometimes regarded as sister manga of Berserk.

2023-10-30 09:27:59

8_wIWu9zAzg&t=15m40s 15:40 amen brother! 👌

2023-10-27 13:03:29

Fun fact the editor often complains about how long it takes miura to draw his art. One of those complaints was "Why are you using a magnifying glass to put in detail? the printers can't even handle that amount of detail."

2023-10-15 14:32:59

Sad. It's all downhill from here son, but on the bright side you DID get to experience Berserk.

2023-10-04 03:37:03

So I got into the manga online. I thought the golden age was the start so I never even read the back swordsman arc will much later. Griffith doing what he did genuinely shocked me more. I had no clue he did something terrible because I accidentally didn’t read the first arc.

2023-09-30 14:37:07

It honestly makes me happy to see people’s first experiences with the series… especially as someone with a super messy introduction to the series (I was 13 and saw the ‘98 anime on Anime America’s top ten wtf endings in anime and how they said not to watch it without elaborating much and as a middle schooler I decided to watch it anyways… then I read the manga and was hooked)

Getting into the series at a young age messed me up but I don’t regret it at all, Guts’s story was inspirational to me. I used to tell myself “if Guts has lived this long, you can make it through high school” to motivate myself. Guts is honestly my inspiration and role model in a way… and probably the character who planted the seeds of my sexual awakening.

2023-09-22 00:14:41

The boat arc was a bit of a lull….not gonna lie lol

2023-09-21 01:30:44

You got to watch the 1997 anime it's so much better than the Golden age movie trilogy

2023-08-06 14:34:27

Me too bruv 🗿

2023-06-29 00:32:51

we started reading around the same time that's insane

2023-05-24 13:21:27

Berserk taught me about the truth of the world how cold evil terrible and terrifying but also telling me that
you can go on and move. you cannot stay in one place. the world will catch up to you. and if you don't want that place to be your destination. You have to move on if you want that place away from you

2023-05-19 14:16:39

ur 24 ?! SHIT u like 30 boyo

2023-03-02 01:10:37

LOTR, FMA03, ATLA. And finally Berserk are to me, the goat when it comes to characters, world building, plot, and of course, drama.

2023-02-26 14:45:24

Ah yes great starter manga to never enjoy anything else after reading

2023-02-19 12:32:45

why are you so good looking??

2023-02-16 17:48:29

Hopefully we'll get our ending now,I'm of the opinion that a good or mediocre ending is better than no ending, because before this I read the Witcher books and I don't want that repeated in Berserk

2022-12-12 23:07:25

Whos hates you enough to make you read Berserk first? What did you do?!

2022-12-11 17:55:34

What a simple but perfec choice of words to explain something complicated like no one can explain.. At end everybody understand it and have thayre unique expirience of this..
Support for this brother

2022-12-05 18:01:19

No manga has been able to compell me like Berserk has. 600 volumes in my collection later...and nothing can compare to the quiet panels and the real emotional responses Berserk has drawn out of me.
For me, a masterpiece. Tragic and beautiful. Horrific and yet somehow so soft and powerful at times. So glad you've read this, this is a manga I recommend to everyone who will listen.

Great video.

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