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Lisa Dorrian : UVF-backed cover-up? Murder in the Badlands | NI documentaries


In 2005 Lisa went missing from a caravan park in Ballyhalbert after a weekend of partying. Her body has never been found. This documentary brings us up to date with current Police thinking and tactics to recover her body for her heart broken family. I don't get paid from YouTube so if you would like to make a donation to me please use my PayPal link here : 🤍 Disclaimer: The videos uploaded by A Troubled Land are historical. Uploaded to protect and save our troubled history for future generations. We do NOT glorify war by anyone nor condone it. Have content you want shared? Contact me here ATroubledLand🤍 #BritishState #TheTroubles #IrishState

Homeopath Hilery Dorrian


Homeopath Hilery Dorrian talks about what it is like to be a homeopath and run a homeopathic practice.

Dorrian new very sweet Punjabi song 2017 by guru (ravi)


Dorrian-new7-very-sweet Punjabi song 2017 by guru (ravi)

Trale Naal Dorrian : Balkar Ankhila Ft. Manjinder Gulshan | New Punjabi Songs 2021 | Finetouch


Song - Trale Naal Dorrian Album - Love You Jatta Singer - Balkar Ankhila Ft. Manjinder Gulshan Music - Mr. King Lyrics/Composer - Babbu Brar Video - Amrit Ammy Music Label - 🤍Finetouch - Desi Tadka Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to 🤍Finetouch - Desi Tadka ► Like us on Facebook: 🤍 ► Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 ► Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 🤍Finetouch Shabad Gurbani Kirtan - 🤍 Finetouch Bacha Masti - 🤍 🤍Finetouch Bhakti Mein Shakti - 🤍 🤍Finetouch Music - 🤍 #TralleNaalDorrian #BalkarAnkhila #Finetouch #PunjabiSongs #ManjinderGulshan

Interview with Lee Dorrian (ex CATHEDRAL) from WITH THE DEAD & RISE ABOVE records


Interview with Lee Dorrian (ex CATHEDRAL) from WITH THE DEAD & RISE ABOVE records

Napalm Death Rare Lee and Bill 1989 What's That Noise BBC Pt 1


Napalm Death appearing on a 'Musical Education Programme' for children on BBC TV back in 1989! Part 2 is even crazier. The show also featured Cliff Richard and Patrick Moore from The Sky At Night!?

Missing Person Day 2021 Lisa Dorrian


An interview with Joanne Dorrian, sister of Lisa Dorrian who went missing in 2005.

Who Killed Lisa Dorrian? | Murder in the Badlands | BBC Select


Joanne Dorrian spent three days searching with other family members for her older sister Lisa Dorrian in 2005 after Lisa disappeared. After 72-hours of looking in vain, the realisation that Lisa had died hit her as she walked through fields in Ballyhalbert, Co Down, not far from the caravan in which her sister was last seen alive. BBC’s new four-part true crime documentary series will forensically rebuild the timeline of the Lisa's and three other women's murders and the investigations that followed. Watch all of Murder in the Badlands on BBC Select: 🤍 Follow us on social media 📲💻 🤍BBCSelect #BBCSelect #TrueCrime #Disappearance

What Happened to Lisa Dorrian?


What are your thoughts on Lisa's disappearance? Please let me know in the comments. Thank you guys for watching, hope to see you next time! AFFILIATE LINKS: NordPass: Head to 🤍 or use code "rachel" to get 50% off securing your data and an additional month FREE :) Hunt a Killer: 🤍 and use code "RACHELSHANNON" for 20% off your first box! *CASE SUGGESTIONS: RachelShannonCases🤍 SUPPORT ME ON PATREON :) 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Business Contact: RachelShannonYt🤍 Music: 🤍 Fair use disclaimer: Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

Алмазный Дориан против Фердинанда - Мультики про танки


#мультики_про_танки #танки #tanks #multan #wot #worldoftanks #blitz #танчики #warthunder #ратте #левиафан #кв-44 #клон #гибрид #карл-44 #дора #дориан #мс-1 #профессор #демонический #кв-44м #монстр #стальной #гигант #железный ПОМОГИ СОБРАТЬ 200К ПОДПИСЧИКОВ 🤍 Алмазный Дориан против Фердинанда - Мультики про танки В этой серии Дориан сразиться против Фердинанда! Всем приятного просмотра! 👍 Не забывайте оценить серию и оставить свой комментарий! 👍 Три новые серии каждую неделю! 👍 Читаю все ваши комментарии, лайкаю первых 50 комментариев и отвечаю на ваши вопросы, так что не стесняйтесь их оставлять!

HIM - "Hopkins" (Cathedral Cover) Feat Lee Dorrian Live @ Tavastia Club - 31.12.2004


🤍 HIM - "Hopkins" (Cathedral Cover) Feat Lee Dorrian Live 🤍 Tavastia Club - 31.12.2004. Credits to the owner

First 100 Years: Lady Dorrian Biography


As the current Lord Justice Clerk, Lady Dorrian holds the second most senior judicial post in Scotland. This appointment made history in 2016 as no woman had ever served at this level in the Scottish legal system before. Leeona Dorrian's status as a trailblazer began decades prior when she became the first woman to serve as Advocate Despute in the Faculty of Advocates. This is a ground-breaking project, building the only digital platform of stories, videos and arte facts dedicated to the journey of women in law.

Rossmore, Laghey, Co. Donegal by DNG Dorrian


Elegantly appointed Scottish Baronial style residence constructed to the highest calibre and craftsmanship throughout.

Lisa Dorrian's Story


Lisa Dorrian was a beautiful girl from Northern Ireland. She loved life and it loved her right back. Then someone evil changed all that.

Paul Chain & Lee Dorrian Lake Without Water. Day Studios, Pesaro Italy 1995.


Recently found footage from my camcorder tapes, found during my first stay at Paolo Catena's apartment & studio in Pesaro, back in early 1995. The mummified cat in the guitar case (with clock set to the 13th hour) was/is called Mephisto. Lake Without Water is taken from the album Alkahest, originally released by Italian label, Godhead.

Bowie Baysox's Patrick Dorrian joins "O's Xtra"


Dorrian chats with Rob Long and Jim Palmer More: 🤍

US Colonel John Dorrian: The PKK are part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF/YPG) 美國上校 John Dorria


US Colonel John Dorrian: The PKK are part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF/YPG) 美國上校 John Dorrian:PKK 是敘利亞民主力量(SDF/YPG)的一部分 The U.S.'s complicated relationship with terror group PKK's Syrian armed wing the People's Protection Units (YPG) was exposed by a slip of the tongue by a U.S. official. 美國與敘利亞武裝派別「人民保護部隊」(YPG)的複雜關係因美國官員說溜嘴而洩露,YPG與恐怖組織PKK關係密切 。 In response to a question regarding the Turkish attitude against the YPG during a press briefing, Colonel John Dorrian, the spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition against Daesh, accidentally acknowledged that the PKK was part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). 在新聞簡報會上,美國的反Daesh聯盟發言人 John Dorrian 上校,回應關於土耳其對抗YPG的問題,無意中承認PKK是敘利亞民主力量(SDF)的一部分。 "But with regard to the PKK, they are a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the Syrian Arab Coalition is a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces as well. The forces that are isolating Raqqa are now largely made up of Syrian Arabs, but they are a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces." he said. 「關於PKK,他們是敘利亞民主力量的一部分,而敘利亞阿拉伯聯盟也是敘利亞民主力量的一部分。隔絕 Raqqa 市的部隊現在主要由敘利亞阿拉伯人組成,但他們是敘利亞民主力量的一部分。」他說。 After receiving some puzzled reactions, Col. Dorrian corrected his statement and confirmed that he initially meant the YPG, instead of the PKK, a terror group designated by both Turkey and the U.S. 當大眾對此表現困惑,Dorrian上校修正他的陳述,並確認他最初指的是YPG,而不是PKK,PKK是土耳其和美國認定的恐怖組織。 Video/影片: 'US Colonel John Dorrian of ''The PKK are part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF/YPG)' 🤍 3 May, 2017/2017年5月3日

Prof Mark Dorrian - 7+1: Metis ‘On The Surface’


On The Surface was a retrospective exhibition of work by Metis, commissioned for the gallery of the Arkitektskolen Aarhus in Denmark and shown in 2014. Seven projects, spanning twelve years, were exhibited in it – these stretched from Metis’s 2002 book, Urban Cartographies, to a competition project developed in 2014 for a spa hotel in Liepaja, Latvia. This talk will explore Metis work through the optic of the exhibition, which is the ‘+1’ project of the title. The initial idea that drove the design was for an exhibition from which mid-scale elements had been evacuated, thus constructing an experience that oscillated between the very large and the very small. This resulted in engaging the overall scale of the gallery by way of a large floor drawing. It was important that exhibition visitors could step onto this and be visually immersed in its laterally-spreading field, thereby losing the kind of distanced relation that would allow the object of vision to be optically encompassed and settled. The floor drawing was composed of representations of the seven projects deriving from different media – some photographic, some drawing-based, some digitally generated. Stripped as they were of stable reference points (common lines of projection, scale relations, etc.) that would allow them to solidify as a ‘ground’, they came to interact with one another as an array of contingent forms. Here the fluctuation between disparate scales was echoed in the interplay of effects of surface and depth that was produced – the sense of a flatness that was, at the same time, experienced as a swarming, mobile, and thick space. Situated in this force field, visitors were invited to navigate, explore and play with its constitutive array of relations.

ASMR Unsolved Mystery: Lisa Dorrian


For more information: 🤍 Any correspondence which you make will be kept in the strictest of confidence and goes DIRECTLY to the family. CALL : 079 1296 7034 or message. P.S. I am currently in Europe and will be late responding to comments/messages! Also, Patreons and YouTube Members got an exclusive Unsolved Mystery this month :) if you're interested in joining, click the "JOIN" button below the video or pledge $5+ on Patreon to access to exclusive videos: 🤍



By UmEr MaHaR

Francie Dearg Byrne and Peter Carr, playing Dinky Dorrian's Reel


Francie Dearg Byrne and Peter Carr, playing Dinky Dorrian's Reel. Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, October 1982.

Dorrian's Red Hand NYC


First opening in 1960, DORRIAN'S RED HAND has been a staple of Manhattan's Upper East Side for decades, dutifully serving delicious American fare and popular beers and cocktails to generations of neighbors, locals, and their families. In the 50+ years since it opened, DRH has expanded from a humble little corner bar serving loyal regulars to a fully-realized restaurant space with a closed in outdoor cafe and a smaller, intimate back room with its own bar. They are now a venue that can offer the comforts of a wonderful meal and tasty drinks to individuals as well as small parties. And they have proudly maintained that "old neighborhood" charm of Yorkville, while operating with current and modern tastes and sensibilities of today's customers.

Dorrian his makeover and BJD plans


Dorrian has finally told me where he fits in my crew, which is a relief, i just have a long clothing shopping list i need to buy for him....Oh these resin people!!! Please feel free to subscribe to me here, as i will be showing and talking about all my dolls and dolls to come. You can find my BJDs Blythes and all my other dolls over on Instagram...:🤍

Detectives investigating the murder of Lisa Dorrian are conducting further searches in Ballyhalbert


Detective Superintendent Jason Murphy, who is leading the investigation said: "Detectives from the PSNI’s Major Investigation Team, together with divers, are conducting a number of searches in the Ballyhalbert area. The searches are concentrated on a number of lakes at The Clay Pits close to the caravan park where Lisa was last seen alive. “Sixteen years have now passed, but our resolve has not diminished. It is important that we bring the Dorrian family the answers that any grieving family deserves. While we want to recover Lisa’s body and allow the Dorrian family to finally lay Lisa to rest we remain determined to bring those who killed her to justice and are also looking for evidence relating to her disappearance. “We continue to review parts of the original investigation and previous searches in the area. These searches are an extension of us adopting new thinking around the circumstances of Lisa’s murder. While this area was previously considered and work conducted to examine it, our investigative thinking and knowledge has developed over time. It is important to the police service and Lisa’s family that we have clarity, and with the development of search techniques and technology, I intend to gain reassurance that the examination of the lakes has been conducted to the necessary extent and to modern day standards. “I have previously stated that I do not believe that Lisa’s murder was pre-planned and I am of the view that the deposition of her body was equally unplanned. I have repeatedly said that I believe the answers to her murder remain local to Ballyhalbert and I remain convinced that a small number of people hold the key to Lisa’s disappearance. I continue to appeal for those with direct knowledge of Lisa’s whereabouts to find a way to get that information to me, anonymously or via a third party if necessary. “Anyone with information should call detectives on 101. Or, if someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details, they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111." More than 400 searches have been conducted across Northern Ireland in connection with Lisa’s disappearance. The fact that those searches have not found her body have caused me to re-focus our investigation on what is most likely to have happened on that Sunday night, the 27th of February 2005.

Team Member - Dorrian Selley


It’s Wednesday and we want to officially welcome one of our newest team members to our growing team. #WometotheteamWednesday #WTTTW Dorrian started at St.Claude Autobody about 6 months ago, and has since been involved in different areas of the repair process. Dorrian is starting his journey as an apprentice with the goal to become a Red Seal technician in the Collision Repair & Refinishing Program. He saw St Claude Autobody as a great workplace to pursue a career doing something he loves and we are thrilled to have him on our team. Welcome to our team Dorrian!

Katie Dorrian | 1 Take Wonder @ GROOVE U | Amps & Albums


vote for Katie by liking this video performance recorded at GROOVE U's Amps & Albums at the GROOVE U Creative Campus in 2012 – No math, no chemistry, and no ACT/SAT requirement. At GROOVE U there's no noise, just music.  Learn more at Keep up with everything GROOVE U on all social media: Instagram: 🤍musiccareercollege Twitter: 🤍grooveu Facebook: 🤍musiccareercollege Follow GROOVE U's student-run record label, Elementary Records, for yearly capstone projects, local Columbus music, and Instaband! 🤍 | 🤍elementaryrecs | Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all GROOVE U projects! – GROOVE U is a music industry entrepreneurship program located in Dublin, Ohio. We offer diplomas in audio production, music business, live sound, video, and interactive design, with classes only focusing on the music industry – no gen. eds. Our small class sizes on our recording studio campus give all students the hands-on opportunities they need to start their music careers. Working local festivals, producing our very own battle-of-the-bands, annual paid trips to SXSW, and facilitated internships are just a few of the many things our students take part in. GROOVE U prepares its students for a job in the music industry, proudly representing a 93% job placement rate among all graduates. Start your music industry career at

Dorrian Self Concept Speech


Professional Speech Communication

"Lisa Dorrian knew her killer"


Police believe that Bangor woman Lisa Dorrian knew her killer and made a fresh appeal today on BBC’s Crimewatch programme for information about her murder 13 years ago.

Probot - Ice Cold Man (Lee Dorrian) guitar cover


Song: Probot - Ice Cold Man (Lee Dorrian) Tuning : Drop D (DADGBE) Setup: LTD M-50, digitech rp250, Roland Cube 30x a bit slower than i like to play, but still fun

DORRIAN KARNETT. Сравнение урока Sony Vegas pro 13 и Adobe Audition. ОБРАБОТКА ГОЛОСА.


Привет дорогой друг в этом видео ролике мы сравним уроки двух известных каналов DorrianKarnett и ХОЧУ МИЛЛИОН ПРОСМОТРОВ. Их советы по обработке звука. Идеальный звук в твоём ролике это же так важно. Заглядывай и смотри, чья обработка будет лучше. В батле так же сойдутся две известнейшие программы Adobe Audition и Sony Vegas pro 13. Ссылка на урок от ХОЧУ МИЛЛИОН ПРОСМОТРОВ: 🤍 Ссылка на урок от DorrianKarnett: 🤍 Ссылка на Плагин в сони вегас ReaPlugs VST: 🤍 Этапы в Sony Vegas: 1. Качаем и устанавливаем Плагин: ссылка на него есть выше, как устанавливать показал. 2. Выбираем плагины в следующем порядке. - ReaFir - ReaGate - ReaComp - ReaEQ 3. Заходим в ReaComp, Raio на 4. Галочку напротив Auto release, Auto make-up, Limit output. Ползунок Threshold примерно -12 -15. 4. Заходим в ReaEQ поднимаем ползунок Gain до того момента пака на мастер шине не будет максимум. 5. Заходим в мастер шину ReaComp. RMS дотягиваем до 0. Ratio на бесконечность. Галочку напротив Auto releas. Attack ставим 0. 6. ReaFire убираем шумы. Mode: Subtract (вычитание) ставим галочку, убираем галочку. 7. Заходим в ReaGate. Поднимаем порог до того момента пака не начнут откусываться лишние звуки. После подмешиваем шум на ползунке Dry. 8. ReaEQ. убираем паразитные частоты. 2.3.4 Этапы в Adobe Audition: 1. File New Audio File. Sample 48000, Channels Mono. 2. Effects Rack.1 Filter Parametric Equalizer. HP ставим на 100, меняем ползунки. 3. выбираем на 2 Amplitude and Compression Dynamics. Compressor Threshold -25 Ratio 2. Limiter -2 (настройки смотрим по своей звуковой дорожке) MakeUp -13 Всё. Привет меня зовут Алексей, присоединяйся к нашей касте, интеллигенции. СООБЩЕСТВО В ВК: 🤍 Не флуди. #звук #голос #обработка

Dorrian Neymour


NATO News: 10.20.16 Col. Dorrian talks to reporter about current operations in Iraq


10.20.2016. Baghdad, Iraq. CJTF-OIR Army Col. John Dorrian gives an update on Coalition efforts in Iraq and Syria. Reporting The News That Matters - From A Non-biased Perspective. Alistair Reign News Blog playlists are rated 18+ for possible graphic images of war, injury or death. We post video reports from reliable media sources with journalists and correspondents reporting on location. This media outlet is not attached to, nor does it sympathize with, condone, nor condemn any religious organization or group. Alistair Reign and associated campaigns represent human rights for all, and the wellness of children worldwide.

Lisa Dorrian: Tenth Anniversary of Her Disappearance


Mr Weir: I suspect that the topic of today's Adjournment debate will find a fair degree of consensus around the Chamber, but all of us approach it with some mixed emotions. I express gratitude that the Business Committee has allowed the debate to be selected today on the closest opportunity that we have had to the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of Lisa Dorrian... (continues) Lisa Dorrian disappeared in the early hours of 28 February 2005. She had been attending a party in a caravan in Ballyhalbert. What is known directly about the disappearance of Lisa Dorrian is that, in the early hours of the morning, she got a call on a mobile and left the caravan, clearly to meet someone. The assumption is that the people she met led directly to her death. There has been speculation that she was attacked, beaten up, killed and then dumped and buried somewhere, but, unfortunately, one of the major problems is that speculation is what we are left with. Since her disappearance there have been many false trails and false hopes. Suspects have been highlighted, particularly those from a loyalist paramilitary background. For the family, in particular, it is less signficant who carried this out; the central question is where Lisa is today. That is what people need to focus on. I praise the work of the police. Over the last 10 years, there have been, at various stages, eight arrests, none of which led ultimately to charges. There have been 275 searches, and, at various stages, intelligence suggested that Lisa's body had been dumped at locations in County Down or at sea. Sad to say, 10 years on, the body has not been found. The police, to be fair, have interviewed around 4,000 people in connection with the case. They have taken a very proactive approach, and they deserve our praise. Ten years on, however, the Dorrian family still do not have closure. I am sure that most of us in the House have lost a close relative. A lot of us have lost a mother or father and know the heartache that that brings. Losing a child is much more poignant and sad, because it goes against the order of things. It is difficult for any of us to imagine a situation where not simply has a child been lost but the family does not even have the opportunity to give the child a Christian burial or a moment at which they can grieve and a location either by way of a grave or an urn that they can look at and say, "Those are the remains of Lisa Dorrian". That has been denied to the Dorrian family for far too long. The Dorrian family have been active in trying to ensure that the name of Lisa Dorrian is kept alive through a number of initiatives, be it the blue ribbon campaign, a range of debates, balloon releases and services in their local church — all to highlight the case. Yet, despite the good work of the police, one thing has been missing: those who know what happened to Lisa have not come forward. The most recent campaign to mark the tenth anniversary has been boosted by a reward from the family of £10,000 and a reward from Crimestoppers of £5,000 for information on the whereabouts of Lisa. There is an opportunity, at the very least, for someone who may well be fearful to give that information confidentially. What the family seeks above all is knowledge of the whereabouts of Lisa's body. I quote her father John: "The justice thing can take care of itself afterwards, but we would like to find Lisa to give her a Christian burial... All they have to do is listen to their conscience." Whether it is their conscience or the reward money, I do not think we care particularly about what people are motivated by. Let us bring some peace and closure to the Dorrian family, and send out a signal that the Assembly has not forgotten Lisa. Justice has still to be done for the Dorrian family. You can read the full transcript on our website: 🤍

Gavin Dorrian on Juba's influence


See 🤍 for context

Lady Dorrian Interview with Edith Forrest Advocate: Review Group Management of Sexual Offences Cases


Lord Justice Clerk Lady Dorrian and Edith Forrest Advocate discuss the recently released cross-party Review on Improving the Management of Sexual Offences Cases, chaired by Lady Dorrian. The main recommendations are outlined and discussed. For lawyers you can view the full interview and claim CPD for watching by subscribing to The Scottish Criminal Law Channel: 🤍 More information, including a link to the full report can be found here: 🤍 Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on our regular content releases. Follow us on Twitter 🤍hey_legal and subscribe for news updates on 🤍

Kid Matthews vs Dorrian


Culture Shock Wrestling in Mossy Head, Florida 7/31/10

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