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Rhinos are some of the biggest land animals on the planet. Although they have no natural predators they include some of the most endangered species in the world. All species of rhinos have one or two horns on their nose, and it is this horn that leads poachers to kill them. People are working hard to protect rhinos from extinction, but it may not be enough to save these huge, amazing creatures. Like this video if you want to see more videos about ANIMALS! Subscribe to FreeSchool: 🤍 Visit us on Facebook: 🤍 Check our our companion channel, FreeSchool Mom! 🤍 And our NEW channel for little ones, FreeSchool Early Birds! 🤍

Are Rhinos OP?


Sign up to Brilliant using my link to start your 30-day free trial and get 20% off your an annual subscription: 🤍 01. Main Theme Underworld Theme (The Legend of Zelda) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 02. EYEWITNESS Intro Opening Theme 03. Black Ops 2 Theme 04. Paper Mario Music - New Friend - New Partner 05. Old RuneScape Soundtrack- The Trade Parade 06. Eyewitness Outro Source Footage from: Getty Images Pond5 ShutterStock Kruger Latest Sightings Research Assistant: twitter.com/GinaGoesOutside Editing/VFX: twitter.com/PSMotionGraphic

These Two Rhinos Are The Last Of Their Kind | Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC Earth


There are only two northern white rhinos left on the planet; the result of decades of poaching of the species. Can science save the last of these giants? Subscribe: 🤍 Watch more: Planet Earth 🤍 Blue Planet 🤍 Planet Earth II 🤍 Planet Dinosaur 🤍 Conservation short. Seven Worlds, One Planet Episode 7 'Africa' Millions of years ago incredible forces ripped apart the Earth’s crust creating seven extraordinary continents. Seven Worlds, One Planet, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, will reveal how each distinct continent has shaped the unique animal life found there. Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this. This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback 🤍

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REMASTERED IN HD! Official video for Smashing Pumpkins song “Rhinoceros” from the album Gish. Buy It Here: 🤍 Like Smashing Pumpkins on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Smashing Pumpkins on Twitter: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Official YouTube Channel: 🤍 #TheSmashingPumpkins #Rhinoceros #Remastered



Soutenez Blast, nouveau média indépendant : 🤍 Aujourd'hui on va parler un peu de presse papier. Pour changer, parce que vous avez vu, même dans les Relay SNCF, ça a évolué. Il y a un petit nouveau dont vous avez peut-être entendu parler. Vous en avez même forcément entendu parler, puisque ce magazine papier, il est omniprésent à la télé. Eh ouais, Franc-Tireur, vous connaissez, vous avez entendu parler de Franc-Tireur. Peu de journaux papiers sont aussi cités dans les médias audiovisuels. Nouvel épisode de Rhinocéros, par Usul et Lumi. Journalistes : Lumi, Usul Montage : Harkiadiel Images : Hamza Benkirane Production : Red Pop Graphisme : Morgane Sabouret Directeur des programmes : Mathias Enthoven Rédaction en chef : Soumaya Benaïssa Directeur de la rédaction : Denis Robert Le site : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 #Médias #FrancTireur #Rhinocéros

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How it started vs how it's going? Rhino hasn't changed much, but his personality is better than ever! ☆ Subscribe for more videos: 🤍 Welcome to the Official Jungle Beat Channel, the home of all things Jungle Beat on YouTube! Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe and turn on that notification bell! #junglebeat #munkiandtrunk #junglebeatthemovie #elephant #monkey #animals #JungelensPuls #Viidakkojytä #DschungelBeat #jungleritme #ジャングル・ビート #DJungelpuls #Lerythmedelajungle #ElRitmoDeLaSelva #ritmodellagiungla #정글비트 ☆ Instagram: 🤍 ☆ Facebook: 🤍 ☆ Twitter: 🤍 ☆ Website: 🤍

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Occurred in December 2019 / USA "Baby rhinos love to be brushed." Contact licensing🤍viralhog.com to license this or any ViralHog video. Make money from your videos! Submit footage here: 🤍 Subscribe, Like, or Follow ViralHog: YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍

Rhinoceros (Remastered 2011)


Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Rhinoceros (Remastered 2011) · Smashing Pumpkins Gish ℗ 2011 Virgin Records America, Inc. Released on: 2011-01-01 Associated Performer, Guitar, Vocals, Producer: Billy Corgan Associated Performer, Guitar: James Iha Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: D'Arcy Wretzky Associated Performer, Drums: Jimmy Chamberlin Producer: Butch Vig Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig Composer Lyricist: Billy Corgan Auto-generated by YouTube.

12 Brutal Rhino Attacks You Wouldn’t Believe Happened


For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: wildrango.copymanager🤍gmail.com Welcome to our thrilling video showcasing the unbelievable attacks of rhinos caught on camera. In this video, we witness the raw power and aggression of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Watch in awe as these giant creatures charge at full speed, their massive horns aimed at their targets. See them effortlessly defeat crocodiles and bulldoze through the kings of the Savannah. #rhinoattacks #animals #wildrango Share, Support, and Subscribe!!! Subscribe: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍

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A horny rhinoceros tries to bully a protective mother. ➡ Subscribe: 🤍 ➡ Get More Animal Fight Night: 🤍 About Animal Fight Night: Animal Fight Night features same-species battles between some of the biggest and baddest fighters of the animal kingdom, and some of the most surprising, revealing the extraordinary motivations and strategies that fuel each incredible brawl. Get More National Geographic Wild: Official Site: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Learn more about Black Rhinoceros: 🤍 About National Geographic Wild: National Geographic Wild is a place for all things animals and for animal-lovers alike. Take a journey through the animal kingdom with us and discover things you never knew before, or rediscover your favorite animals! Witness a Rhino Rumble | Animal Fight Night 🤍 Nat Geo Wild 🤍

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Rhinoceros | One Of The Tallest Animals In The World #shorts Which animal would you like to see next? Send your request here 👇🏼 🤍 Welcome to 1 Minute Animals! Join us as we discover the most fascinating facts about the Animal Kingdom. Subscribe for an exciting and educational journey into the wild! The rhinoceros is a large, herbivorous mammal that is found in parts of Africa and Asia. There are five different species of rhinos, including the white rhino, black rhino, Indian rhino, Javan rhino, and Sumatran rhino. Rhinos are known for their thick, protective skin, which is covered in large, tough scales. They also have a large horn on their nose, which is made of keratin, the same material as human hair and nails. The horn is used for defense against predators, as well as for fighting other rhinos during mating season. ⚠️ *STOP YOUR DOG'S BAD BEHAVIOR!* Check Out Our Favorite Online Course To Train Your Dog: 🤍 🔹 *// PLAYLISTS* • TOP 10 ANIMAL VIDEOS: 🤍 • ANIMALS IN 1 MINUTE: 🤍 • ANIMAL SHORTS: 🤍 🔹 *// FOLLOW* • TIKTOK: 🤍 • INSTAGRAM: 🤍 • FACEBOOK: 🤍 #Rhinoceros #RhinocerosHabitat #RhinocerosConservation #RhinocerosPoaching #EndangeredRhinoceros #BlackRhinoceros #WhiteRhinoceros #RhinocerosBreeding #RhinocerosSanctuary #RhinocerosExtinction #RhinocerosPopulation #RhinocerosHorn #RhinocerosProtection #RhinocerosDiet #RhinocerosBehavior #RhinocerosOffspring #WildlifeConservation #AnimalProtection #SaveTheRhino #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #AnimalBehavior #AnimalFacts #AnimalLovers #AnimalRights #WildlifeEducation #EndangeredSpecies #ConservationEfforts #NatureDocumentary #EducationalContent #Biganimal #Rinoceronte



Soutenez Blast, nouveau média indépendant : 🤍 Cette semaine on va parler d'immigration ! Ouais ! C'est super, c'est le nouveau sujet, c'est le sujet important en tout cas là ! Oui, pour le gouvernement qui a mis à l'agenda une nouvelle loi immigration. Et si c'est important pour le gouvernement, c'est important pour le service politique de France 2, qui a donc pris l'initiative d'organiser une soirée spéciale le jeudi 9 novembre ! Et c'est sur cette émission qu'on va revenir parce que c'était encore un grand moment de service public. Nouvel épisode de Rhinocéros, avec Usul et Lumi. Journalistes : Lumi, Usul Montage : Harkiadiel Images : Hamza Benkirane Production : Red Pop Graphisme : Morgane Sabouret Directeur des programmes : Mathias Enthoven Rédaction en chef : Soumaya Benaïssa Directeur de la rédaction : Denis Robert Le site : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 #Médias #Rhinocéros #Immigration

Hungry Rhino Squishes And Eats Giant Watermelon


Best squishes from Jozi

Endangered eastern black rhino born at Chester zoo


Staff at Chester zoo filmed the moment an endangered rhino gave birth to a female calf. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► 🤍 The eastern black rhino was born on 12 November, unusually in daylight hours. The zoo said the species is listed as critically endangered, with fewer than 600 of the rhinos remaining in the wild across Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters. Contribute to The Guardian today ► 🤍 Sign up to the Guardian's free new daily newsletter, First Edition ► 🤍 Website ► 🤍 Facebook ►🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 The Guardian on YouTube: The Guardian ► 🤍 Guardian Australia ► 🤍 Guardian Football ► 🤍 Guardian Sport ► 🤍 Guardian Live ► 🤍 #Rhino #BlackRhino #ChesterZoo #Zoo #Animals #News

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Saving the Wild - Part 2: Rhinos | Wildlife Documentary Watch 'Saving the Wild - Part 1' here: 🤍 Nkomazi Game Reserve in South Africa is home to some amazing wildlife, but poachers have attacked. In a matter of weeks, poachers have reduced the number of rhino here to just five. Unable to protect them, reserve management have reached out to conservation group Elephants Rhinos and People (ERP)for help. The ERP team captures and translocates the reserve’s remaining rhinos to a top-secret rhino sanctuary where they will be protected with heavily armed guards. Meanwhile in Dinokeng Game Reserve, an emergency team has been called to a suspected rhino breakout. An electric fence is down. An adult male rhino is on the loose. Using tracking technology, the escaped rhino is located. The team must act swiftly save the rhino whom, in its panic has slammed and wedged himself into a small grove of trees, he’s barely breathing and in a critical state. In another reserve we meet Seha, the sole survivor of a vicious poaching attack that left him with gaping wounds extending to his nasal cavities. After life-saving surgery and some healing, it’ time to relocate Seha from his small yard to a rhino sanctuary. But he’s a stubborn Rhino and he’s not going to make the move easy for the team from Saving the Survivors. As an anti-poaching tactic, many rhino populations are being dehorned by vets in the hope that it will increase their chances of survival. A large team has been gathered in order to dehorn a number of southern white rhinos. It takes a highly skilled team with the most experienced wildlife veterinarians in the wold to pull off such an incredible task safely and humanely. Whilst sedated, the vets take the opportunity to do a number of health checks. In this case they want to know if one rhino mother is pregnant again and indeed, there is sign of new life and hope for the next generation of the Southern White Rhino ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe Free Documentary - Nature Channel for free: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #FreeDocumentaryNature #Documentary #Wildlife ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Free Documentary is dedicated to bring high-class documentaries to you on youtube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer. Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

Angry Rhino Bull Charge Cars In Kruger National Park


Watch this very angry and irritated Rhino Bull trying to attack annoying tourist vehicles to protect his Cow and Calf. This old bull surely had a previous encounter with poachers or some other human contact. Filmed in Kruger National Park. Beautiful, Original and High Quality Wildlife videos only on this channel. Please note: All videos on this channel were filmed by me only on my many Africa Adventures. Enjoy, Like and Subscribe for more. NOTE: This is NOT a Commercial channel selling accommodation in Kruger Park and I'm NOT offering to pay you money to feature your videos on this channel. SUBSCRIBE 🤍

Birth of Sumatran Rhino Calf Celebrated at Sanctuary in Indonesia


A recent birth in Indonesia is giving conservationists hope for the future. This calf was born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, bringing its population up to 10. The World WIldlife Fund estimates there are only around 40 Sumatran Rhinos left in the world. With numbers so close to extinction, conservation efforts may seem like they are in vain. This yet-to-be named male calf is at least some indication that the species can procreate. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

Rhinoceros Safari Park | Story of World Rhino Day | All About Rhinos for Kids | Dr. Binocs Show


A rhinoceros, commonly abbreviated to rhino, is a member of any of the five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae; it can also refer to a member of any of the extinct species of the superfamily. Rhinos are herbivores who rely on a variety of plants for nourishment. In their natural habitat, these gigantic herbivores graze mostly on grass and the fruit and leaves of shrubs and trees. As grazers, as they eat continuously, rather than at specific times. #rhinoceros #worldrhinoday #saverhino #drbinocsshow #peekabookidz Make sure you watch the whole video to know all the answers to your curious questions! Leave your ideas, suggestions and questions for Dr. Binocs at this Email Id: peekabookidzfeedback🤍gmail.com For more fun learning videos SUBSCRIBE to Peekaboo Kidz: 🤍 Credits - Copyrights and Publishing: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited All rights reserved. Catch Dr.Binocs At - 🤍 To Watch More Popular Nursery Rhymes Go To - 🤍 To Watch Alphabet Rhymes Go To - 🤍 To Watch Compilations Go To - 🤍 Catch More Lyricals At - 🤍 Subscribe to Peekaboo Kidz: 🤍 Like our Facebook page: 🤍



Soutenez Blast, média indépendant en accès libre grâce au soutien de ses abonnés : 🤍 « Ça va être la question du jour. Pourquoi les journalistes français sont-ils aussi biaisés ? Comment on en est arrivé à cette situation où on en vient à relativiser, voire excuser sur les plateaux, ce qui commence à ressembler à un nettoyage ethnique, voire à un génocide dans la bande de Gaza ? Notre point de départ aujourd'hui, ça va être l'attaque meurtrière du 7 octobre, son traitement médiatique, mais on va bien sûr revenir sur le traitement médiatique de la riposte israélienne, qui à l'heure où on tourne cette émission a fait plus d'une dizaine de milliers de morts. » Nouvel épisode de Rhinocéros, par Lumi et Usul. Pour voir nos reportages avec Mohamed El Saife, notre correspondant à Gaza : ISRAËL - HAMAS : DANS L'ENFER DE GAZA 🤍 GAZA : SURVIVRE SOUS LES BOMBES 🤍 Journalistes : Lumi, Usul Montage : Harkiadiel Images : Hamza Benkirane Production : Red Pop Le site : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Mastodon : 🤍 Peertube : 🤍 #rhinocéros #israël #palestine

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Rhino for beginners, Rhino architecture, Rhino wooden chair, Rhino furniture design, 3D modeling tutorial for architects Join this channel to download files m.youtube.com/🤍AdamArchh/join Image: 🤍 Project name: Pipo Chair Project designer: Piegatto Images: Piegatto Location: Guatemala Remodeling by: Adam Software: Rhino 3D Contact us: Instagram: AdamArchh TikTok: AdamArchh Pinterest: AdamArchh

The Incredible Armour Plated Rhino (Wildlife Documentary) | Real Wild


In east India, the film crew capture the life of the armour-plated rhino and her new calf. Click here for more documentaries: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/realwildschannel Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Content licensed by Sky Vision to Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at: owned-enquiries🤍littledotstudios.com #RealWild #Documentary

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Subscribe and watch new videos uploaded every week. ★ YouTube Channel: 🤍p://🤍youtube.com/Pinkfong Here are we with more animal songs, everyone! You are watching “Rhinoceros”, a super fun animal song created by Pinkfong. With Pinkfong Animal Songs, let's meet various animals! ★ Lyrics Rhinoceros Rhino-no-no-Rhinoceros! “OUCH!” Rhino-no-no-Rhinoceros! “Hmm~” Rhino-no-no-Rhinoceros! Rhino-no-no-Rhinoceros! “Mud shower!” Do you know the Rhino, the Rhino, the ballerino? Do you know the Rhino has poor eyesight. Oh! Yes! I’m the Rhino, the Rhino, the ballerino. Oh! Yes! I’m the Rhino. “Uh, uh, uh, uh, BUMP!” Rhino! Rhino! “Your full name is Rhinoceros.” Rhino! Rhino! “The name means ‘Nose Horn’!” Do you know the Rhino, the Rhino, the Ballerino? Do you know the Rhino has two horns on his nose. Oh! Yes! I’m the Rhino, the Rhino, the Ballerino. Oh! Yes! I’m the Rhino. “One-two-three-four, JUMP!” Rhino-no-no-Rhinoceros! Rhino-no-no-Rhinoceros! Singer: Hope Marie Segoine, Bommie Catherine Han, Charity Wynn Segoine, Anipen Matthew Digiacomo Arranged by pinkfong, KizCastle Subscribe to Pinkfong's YouTube channel for hundreds of kids' favorite songs and stories, including phonics songs, nursery rhymes, bedtime lullabies, children's classics, fairy tales and more! Pinkfong! no. 1 kids' app chosen by 100 million children worldwide ★ Best Kids Songs & Stories [Free Download]: 🤍 Enjoy educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by the experts in children's education. Follow us on Facebook for new updates and free promotions. ★ Facebook: 🤍 ★ Website: 🤍 Copyright © 2017 Smart Study Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

I Cut Off a Rhino's Horn.


Donate now. Help us reach our goal of $1,000,000 and make conservation history. Rhinos are dying. Poaching, habitat loss, and genetic fragmentation have collectively pushed rhino populations to the brink of extinction. Illegal and deadly horn poaching is far and wide the greatest threat to rhinos. To deter this gruesome practice often calls for extreme measures… like chainsawing off a rhino’s horn. This is the reality of the fight to save rhinos. In this episode, Coyote’s on-location at the Kariega Game Reserve shadowing the incredible Dr. William Fowlds as he conducts two important veterinary rhino procedures. It’s a race against the clock to protect these vanishing giants before they’re lost forever. We have a plan to put things back on track. Brave Wilderness is partnering with Kariega Game Reserve, Global Conservation Force and Bear Grylls to Save The Horns. Learn more at savethehorns.com A massive thank you to Kariega Game Reserve, Dr. William Fowlds, Global Conservation Force, and to YOU for doing your part. Thank you to Meredith Joyce-Houghton for creating the incredible artwork in this episode! IG: 🤍joycehoughtoncreative PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REENACT OR RECREATE ANY EVENTS OR SCENES  FROM OUR VIDEOS. THE ANIMALS, INSECTS, PLANT LIFE, AND TERRAIN FEATURED IN  OUR VIDEOS CAN BE DANGEROUS AND CAN POSE A SIGNIFICANT RISK OF INJURY OR  DEATH. The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained and routinely  receive assistance from wildlife experts, guides, and safety personnel when filming to  ensure the safety of our crew and all wildlife. No animals were harmed or removed from  their natural habitat while making this video. Brave Wilderness has obtained permission  to film in each location featured in this video.

15 Heavy Battle Where Rhinos And Lions Take The Stage


Rhinos and lions are legit contenders for the throne when it comes to Africa’s most powerful animals. Lions are at the top of the food chain, but rhinos are no pushovers either. Which of the two would choose if you had to go into battle? Let’s find out who rules between rhinos and lions as we count down 15 heavy battles where rhinos and lions take the stage. ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► shorturl.at/krBX9 Watch our “15 Scary Moments Of Crocodile Vs Land Animals!!” video here: 🤍 Watch our “Moments When Prey Escaped Predators Marvelously” video here: 🤍 Watch our “15 Amazing Wild Animal Attacks Caught On Camera” video here:🤍 Rhino VS Buffalo Rhinos, unfortunately, are much larger than buffalos. The rhino would easily defeat the buffalo since it is significantly more powerful. A young rhino decides to confront a huge cape buffalo. Meanwhile, the mother rhino and the other buffalo are both marking their territory. After a lot of staring and waiting, the rhinos figure they have better things to do than stare at buffalos. The rhino in this video is huge and it uses all its power to run through this cape buffalo and plow it to the ground. I’m quite sure the buffalo felt like it was on a ride at the amusement park and got out of it full of bumps and bruises. This rhino is so angry at this buffalo, it doesn’t stop pouncing into it with its deadly horn until the buffalo is incapacitated and falls to the ground. Even with another buffalo trying to help, it doesn’t stop the furious rhino. What a determined beast this rhino is! I’m quite sure the rhino perforated some of the buffalo’s organs and the buffalo is in agony. Members of the herd surround their friend to give him his last rites. Rhino Fighting These two rhinos go head-to-head over territory, and it’s obvious one of the rhinos is stronger than the other. The pushing and shoving go on for a few seconds, until the stronger rhino pushes the other rhino into the grass, behind the tree, where we no longer can see what is happening. In a game reserve in southern Africa, a baby white rhino suckles its mother. When a large bull rhino appears, the atmosphere changes in an instant. Around the still-suckling mother and calf, the bull begins spray-marking its territory. It then turns on the mother, much to the calf's chagrin. The calf is then attacked. The calf is tossed into the air by the bull and its mother rushes to its rescue. The bull turns on the mother as the calf flees for safety, driving her backward and lifting her front legs clean off the ground. The battling duo closes in on the automobiles of onlookers, causing them to flee in terror. Finally, as the terrified calf circles the struggle, the mother retreats down the road, away from the camera and the bull. This appears to be a territorial conflict. The spray-marking that the male does is the clue. White rhinos are lonely and possessive of their territory. Females, on the other hand, are not, and they frequently travel beyond territory claimed by various males. In this video, you can see this rhino delivering it to another rhino. I mean, this rhino is being attacked from all angles, and the rhino being attacked has numerous injuries to show. When one of the dueling rhinos succeeds to flank the other, he inflicts a lot of damage. Rhinos have strong skin, yet their horns are powerful and may pierce through other rhinos' skin. It looks like it’s the end for the weaker rhino as he falls to the ground. During this bloody battle, these two rhinos inflict major injuries to one another as they battle through the grass and mud. One of the rhinos is badly injured and it is rumored it died moments after the battle.

Black Rhino | Amazing Animals


Black rhinos have been living on Earth for nearly 12 million years! Learn more amazing facts about the black rhino in this video from National Geographic Kids. ➡ Subscribe for more National Geographic Kids videos: 🤍 ➡ Check out our playlist: 🤍 ➡ Visit our website: 🤍 ➡ Get the book: 🤍 About Amazing Animals: Amazing Animals is a series that profiles a different animal in each episode. These short, one-minute episodes give viewers a taste of some of the most unique and interesting facts about animals from all over the world. Check out our other fun series!: Awesome Animals: 🤍 Animal LOL: 🤍 Party Animals: 🤍 Weird But True! Fast Facts: 🤍 What Sam Sees: 🤍 More National Geographic Kids: Visit our website for more games, photos, and videos: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 About National Geographic Kids: Nat Geo Kids makes it fun to explore your world with weird, wild, and wacky videos! Videos featuring awesome animals, cool science, funny pets, and more, are made just for curious kids like you. So pick a topic you love and start watching today! Visit the National Geographic Kids website for more games, photos, and videos at 🤍. Watch more National Geographic Kids videos at 🤍 Black Rhino | Amazing Animals 🤍 National Geographic Kids 🤍

The RHINO is ATTACKING us?! 🦏😱 | Southern White Rhinoceros | Leo the Wildlife Ranger | Kids Cartoons


JANE FOUND A BABY RHINO STUCK IN THE MUD! 🦏😱 Can our Junior Rangers help the baby Southern White Rhinoceros out of this sticky situation and find its mother?! Click here to subscribe so you never miss an amazing animal video! 🤍 - Buy our merch! 🤍 Download Leo the Wildlife Ranger Kids Games App now! iOS - 🤍 Android - 🤍 - Follow us on social media! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Leo Español: 🤍 Leo Português do Brasil: 🤍 - Hi everyone! welcome to my channel! My name is Leo and I am a Junior Ranger. Come join me on my adventures into the animal kingdom to explore animal behaviour like you’ve never seen it before. Mini episodes, animal diaries and cartoon compilations, all to help teach you about the amazing animal world. Learn more about me and my adventures at - 🤍 - #Animals #Education #Kids

Rhino 3D Introduction for Architects - Full Course (2023 Update) - Part 1


You can support the channel here: 🤍 (As a benefit you'll get access to all of my 3D models / scripts) MERCH STORE: 🤍 My laptop suggestions for design/architecture students: 🤍 My book suggestions: 🤍 Thank you 🤍azitom6312 for the Time Stamp List : 2:30 User Interface 3:17 Command Line 4:15 Top Ribbon Menu 4:20 Standard Tab 5:18 CPlanes Tab 5:29 View/Display/Select Tabs 6:08 Viewport layout Tab 6:24 Visibilty/Transform Tabs 6:50 Curve/Surface/Solid Tools Tabs 7:22 SubD/Mesh Tools Tab 9:14 Drafting Tab 9:34 D5/Section Tabs 10:18 Left Ribbon 12:04 Viewports 14:06 Right Ribbon 16:50 Properties 22:30 Layers 30:47 Viewport Orientation 32:46 Bottom Ribbon 33:05 Coordinates System 34:27 Units 36:17 Active Layer 36:57 Grid Snap 38:02 Ortho Snap 39:44 Planer 40:02 Osnap 40:27 SmartTrack 41:56 Some good nonsense 43:32 Views 45:26 Gumball 49:31 Gumball Align 52:11 Filter 54:56 Rhino 8 58:04 0D Objects 58:40 Point 1:00:34 Multiple Points 1:02:45 1D Objects 1:03:04 Line 1:03:49 Polyline 1:05:17 Curve 1:08:00 the idea of curve creation 1:11:21 Curve Interpolate Points 1:12:39 Circle 1:13:15 3 Points Circle 1:14:03 Ellipse 1:14:31 Arc 1:16:28 2D Objects 1:17:01 Rectangle 1:20:53 Polygon 1:21:37 Some good nonsense part2 1:22:17 Types of Geometry 1:25:20 Nurbs Surfaces 1:29:07 Mesh 1:32:53 SubD 1:37:57 2D Objects Part 2 (Surfaces) 1:38:10 3,4 Points Surface 1:39:13 Planer Surface 1:41:37 Network Surface (not really) 1:42:06 Loft 1:48:01 Network Surface 1:51:19 Edge Surface 1:54:48 Patch 1:57:00 3D Objects 1:57:26 Box 1:58:53 Sphere/Cylinder 1:59:34 Pipe 2:02:25 Sweep 1 2:09:04 Sweep 2 2:10:05 Revolve 2:12:43 Cap 2:13:19 Extrude Curve 2:15:05 Extrude surface 2:17:04 Offset 2:21:08 SubD 2:31:05 Modify Geometry 2:32:02 Trim/Split 2:39:06 Rebuild 2:46:55 Extend 2:47:39 Explode/Join 2:49:15 Fillet/Chamfer/FilletCorners 2:52:03 TweenCurves 2:54:14 Control Points 2:57:33 Project 3:00:27 Project to CPlane 3:01:58 Cap 3:03:17 Solid Operation (Boolean) 3:04:15 What 3:05:15 BooleanUnion 3:06:14 BooleanDifference 3:06:56 BooleanSplit 3:07:52 Boolean on SubD 3:10:20 Utility Tools 3:10:30 Zoom Select 3:13:33 DupBorder 3:14:38 DupEdge 3:15:09 Extract Surface 3:15:55 Edge Surface 3:16:15 Move 3:17:12 Scale 3:19:49 Rotate 3:21:42 Isolate/Hide/Show 3:23:40 Group 3:26:37 Block

Free Rhino Course for Beginners (3D Design Tutorial)


Start your 7 day free trial to access this full course and many others: 🤍 This Rhino course for beginners will teach you everything about 3D modelling in Rhino. Step-by-step, you will learn how to edit an already made model based on your specifications and needs, as well as how to animate in order to bring your models to life. 00:00 Welcome 00:24 Introduction: What is Rhino? 06:54 Display modes and Setting: Viewports 14:02 Display modes and Setting: Viewports and Views 27:04 Navigation: Navigation of the Model 32:29 Navigation: Navigation of Objects in Model 38:58 Toolbars and Basic Tools: Lines and Curves 1:25:56 Toolbars and Basic Tools Exercise: Jacky the Lady 2:03:10 Toolbars and Basic Tools: Surfaces 2:21:33 Toolbars and Basic Tools: Meshes from Surfaces 2:41:21 Toolbars and Basic Tools Exercise: The Art Gallery 3:19:54 Toolbars and Basic Tools Exercise: True or False 3:26:50 Toolbars and Basic Tools: Solids 3:51:59 Toolbars and Basic Tools Exercise: Art Gallery in Egypt 4:08:23 Toolbars and Basic Tools: Status Bar 4:24:13 Toolbars and Basic Tools: Layers 4:45:55 Drawing with Coordinates: Coordinates 4:57:53 Drawing with Coordinates Exercise: The Arrow 5:16:19 Drawing with Lines: Rotation, Trim and Scale 5:43:28 Drawing with Lines: Join, Extend, Split and Fillet 5:57:17 Drawing with Lines: Group, Mirror and Offset 6:07:05 Drawing with Lines: Array and Chamfer 6:26:51 Drawing with Lines: Blend and Adjust Points Start your 7 day free trial to access this full course and many others: 🤍 #Rhino #RhinoCourse #RhinoTutorial

Hippo Learns Lesson From Rhinos


Watch as two of Africa’s biggest and heaviest animals go head to head in a very rarely seen sighting. The hippo is trying his luck with the rhinos, but the rhinos have none of it. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO KRUGER: 🤍 Mike Kirkman, Head Ranger at Mala Mala Game Reserve, took this amazing footage near the Airstrip in the Mala Mala Game Reserve. In his own words, Mike tells of this rare and interesting, albeit a bit confusing, sighting: Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: 🤍 “At the time it was still a very dry season in the reserve and the animals were battling with what little grass there was available. The area around the airstrip was pretty barren and I think the hippo was more curious and lonely because at the time many of the hippo had already left this area due to the drought. In my opinion, everyone was more confused than anything else at this sighting. It’s not normal to see an interaction like this between any animal – never mind the 2nd and 3rd largest species! As always, when nature throws a curveball like this, as a guide - it is very difficult to explain. About half of the rangers in the camp were returning from a drive and saw the animals on the way back to camp, but because of the strict rules around disclosing the locations of rhino sighting, we didn’t even announce it on the radio at all. Yet another unfortunate side effect of the rhino crisis and so in this case, many of our guests and fellow rangers were unable to witness this spectacular yet unusual interaction. We do not normally view rhino at night, but with them being on the main route in and out of the camp it was impossible to avoid however, after a while they were left to themselves. I’m not sure what the final outcome of the interaction would have been but we never saw any injured animals afterwards so I can only assume that it ended peacefully. As you can see in the video, it is not an overly aggressive meeting, but more of confused one. As I mentioned, I don’t think it had anything to do with food/resource disputes as we were far from the river and there was no grass on the runway to fight over – I think this hippo may have simply been lonely and bored or simply curious. When we asked Mike how rare this sighting was for him, he responded: “I have never seen anything like this before or since.” To license the footage: Contact🤍LatestSightings.com Get some of our exclusive specials at the Kruger National Park (Free nights): 🤍 Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: 🤍LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: 🤍 And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: 🤍 Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍

Baby Hippo Raised By Rhinos Meets A Hippo... ❤️ | The Dodo Go Wild


Baby hippo raised by rhinos didn't even like water ... watch what happens when he finally meets a hippo ❤️ Thanks to 🤍campbellsoup for making it possible to tell this story! Go Wild with Campbell's® Veggie Safari Soup, get yours at 🤍 Special thanks to Charlie, Moomin, and the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. For more, you can follow them on Instagram: 🤍 and check out their YouTube channel: 🤍Zululand Rhino Orphanage. Additional thanks to Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. You can also check them out on Instagram: 🤍 Love Animals? Subscribe: 🤍 ¿Hablas español?: 🤍 Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: 🤍 Howl with us on TikTok: 🤍 Take a peek at our Snapchat: 🤍 Love our Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Read more on our site: 🤍 For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #animals #dog #cat #kitten #puppy

4K African Wildlife - RHINOS & HIPPOS - African Wild Animals 2 HOUR


This 2,5-hour African wild animals video will take you to the beautiful animal world. 4K UHD video quality opens an incredible opportunity to experience African wildlife and get closer to nature. You will see majestic rhinoceros, hippopotamuses, unique birds, and other interesting animals which most of their time spend near the water. Take in the marvelous African sunset and stay relaxed! Don’t miss a great opportunity to reconnect with nature by watching this African wildlife video from 🤍 and 🤍 Download this fantastic wilflife video for private use with no ads and watermarks at 🤍 There are lots of birds called oxpeckers, sitting on the rhinos. African wildlife is one of the top attractions in the world. This relaxation video will help you to unwind, relief stress, concentrate and be more productive. Get a close-up views of the wonderful animals in 4K UHD on your Oled TV, Samsung 4K HDR TV, Sony 4K TV, LG 4K TV, etc. In this video you can find: 00:00:05 Rhinoceros 00:20:04 Red-billed oxpecker 00:37:30 Yellow-headed temple turtle 00:53:15 Hippo 00:58:53 Impala 01:43:11 Zebras 01:51:15 Cattle Egret Bring nature into your space! Unplug and reunite with nature any time you want by using this animals video as stunning video walls for a waiting room, lounge, office, vet clinic, museum, public space, dental clinic, hospital, nursery house, home etc. Install Our ROKU App: 🤍 Install Our Android App: 🤍 Install Our IOS App: 🤍 Install Our Amazon Fire TV App: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Visit my Travel Blog: 🤍 For licensing questions: 🤍 Please SUBSCRIBE 🤍 to my RELAXATION CHANNEL so you do not miss anything. Relevant hashtags: #rhino, #hippopotamus, #wildlife



Soutenez Blast, nouveau média indépendant : 🤍 Bienvenue dans ce premier épisode de Rhinocéros, la nouvelle émission de Blast de critique des médias, animée par Usul et Lumi, à retrouver 3 fois par mois, le dimanche, sur la chaîne YouTube de Blast ! N'hésitez pas à nous dire ce que vous avez pensé de ce premier épisode, et rendez vous la semaine prochaine pour le suivant. Auteurs : Usul, Lumi Montage : Harkiadel Graphisme : Morgane Sabouret Directeur des programmes : Mathias Enthoven Rédaction en chef : Soumaya Benaïssa Directeur de la rédaction : Denis Robert Le site : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 #Médias #Usul #Lumi

The Evolution of Rhinos


There are currently only 5 living rhino species and four of them are endangered. However turn the clock back 5-35 million years ago and the rhino super family was considerably more diverse and widespread spreading to continents where they no longer live. To support me on Patreon (thank you): 🤍 To donate to my PayPal (thank you): 🤍 To buy merchandise: teespring.com/en-GB/stores/moth-light... Email: mothlightmedia🤍outlook.com If I have used artwork that belongs to you but have neglected to credit it this will just be because I was unable to find one. If this has happened please contact me and I will add a credit. Some Art work has been altered for the purposes of bettering them for video format; these alterations were done independent from the artists who created the original work, so they are not responsible for any inaccuracies that could have occurred with the changes being made. Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

The Last Northern White Rhino In The World


Sudan is the last male northern white rhino in the world, but unfortunately he passed away. but scientist and biologist are trying to save them #shorts #rhino #animal #animals #animalshorts #animalfacts #nature #sudan #najin #fatu #animalplanet

Lion & White Rhino Marking His Territory | Lion pooping, Rhino pooping


Lion & White Rhino Marking His Territory | Lion pooping, Rhino pooping video edit by iphone 13. Copyright belong to Fly Live ( Cường 1998 ) Do not reup this video! #Lion pooping, #Rhino pooping, #funnyanimals



HIPPOPOTAMUS VS RHINOCEROS - Who Would Win A Fight? ➤ Please consider to SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ➤ For business inquiries: wildcienciasinfo🤍gmail.com ➤ Narrated by: David McCallion ➤ Bakground music: The Awakening - Patrick Patrikios Restless Natives - Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions Buccaneer’s March - Aakash Gandhi ➤ Credit: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍quora.com #Hippo #Rhino

Lion vs Rhino | Fierce Battle Pride of lions Scariest Predator! | Wild Animal Hunting Compilation


Lion vs Rhino | Fierce Battle Pride of lions Scariest Predator! | Wild Animal Hunting Compilation : 🤍 A battle between the most powerful forces in the African savannah is taking place Young male lions are the "initiators" of the war For a lion king, there is no such thing as retirement. It must fight for its throne Busy hunting in enemy territory, the lioness has to pay a heavy price for her mistake Lions are territorial, they often fortify boundaries with scent markings during patrols so the lioness was punished for entering illegally with their absolute strength the lioness couldn't resist An old lion was brutally attacked by two other lions in the herd an unequal fight, an organized overthrow of two large male lions in their prime. Just a few minutes after the fight broke out, the old male lion was sprawled on the ground with countless wounds large and small on his body. A lion as a leader cannot keep its empty position forever as time goes by Old age brings a decline in health causing it to be quickly overthrown by other adult lions A male lion has been ambushed and attacked by rival lions in an attempt to take it down to monopolize a vast territory. Compared to the prolific young lions, this old lion hardly resisted the stormy attacks. Therefore, it was quickly underpowered and fell into a low position, the enemy rushed in to bite However, with his strength and experience as a leader, the old lion counterattacked So the quick battle is no longer a fierce battle The battle for survival is very harsh for all animals, lions are no exception A group of male lions together beat the council of the leading lion to usurp the throne The old and weak lion alone has to face a group of muscular adult lions With its weak strength, it doesn't have the ability to attack back The old lion only roared weakly to drive away the group of lions But this group of lions has no intention to spare the old lions, they continue to attack They wait until the old lion is exhausted before stopping to attack The old lion with all the wounds on its body made it difficult to survive the old and wounded lions will be abandoned by their own kind, this will probably be their saddest time. Two male lions fight in a fierce confrontation for a mate Two aggressive male lions rush into each other to attack continuously They roared, bared their fangs threatening each other, and fought mercilessly throughout the battle After the match, the loser suffered many serious injuries The male lion is being attacked by his own kind They want to compete for territory and its mates Knowing they could not defeat their opponents, the two lions stopped the battle They decided to leave and look for new territory The moment the old lion is roaring in the forest It's sad that its roars are not answered by any of its kind The lion is exhausted, the body is only covered with dew, the chest is constantly heaving A male lion enters among the four females, but their reflexes are unusual While the male lions appear to be quite confused and confused, the female lions are more alert and threatening. The lioness suddenly rushed to attack, madly biting the male The fate of the male lion who loses is usually to die, or to be chased from the pack The lion just ran out of the battle, it staggered like a drunkard and hissed softly, trying to hold his breath after a few steps The lion is almost exhausted and can't move

The Evolution of the Rhinoceros


Introduction (0:00) Basal Rhinocerotoids (0:52) Amynodonitdae (2:07) Hyracodontidae - Earliest Members (3:35) Hyracodontidae - Indriocotheres (5:05) Rhinocerotidae - Earliest Members (6:58) Rhinocerotidae - Elasmotheriinae (7:53) Rhinocerotidae - Rhinocerotinae (10:22) Modern Rhino Taxonomy (13:23) Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Images: deviantart.com/willemsvdmerwe/art/Hyracodon-873929418 🤍 - Julio Lacerda 🤍 - Keerthik Sasidharan 🤍 - Max Bellomio, art from Forgotten Bloodlines 🤍 - Beth Zaiken 🤍 - gaindatherium photo Donation Links: 🤍 🤍 All copyrighted images belong to their respective owners. *If I have used art that belongs to you and have not credited you, please feel free to contact me so I can properly credit you*



Soutenez Blast, nouveau média indépendant : 🤍 Bienvenue dans Rhinocéros, l'émission qui vous informe sur celles et ceux qui vous informent. Dans cet épisode, Usul et Lumi se penchent sur un sacré personnage, Robert Hersant, ancien patron du Figaro. Alors, ce nom vous dit peut-être quelque chose, puisque souvent on a comparé Vincent Bolloré et Robert Hersant. Alain Minc dit même que Bolloré est pire qu'Hersant. Auteurs : Usul, Lumi Montage : Harkiadel Images : Arthur Frainet Son : Baptiste Veilhan Graphisme : Morgane Sabouret Directeur des programmes : Mathias Enthoven Rédaction en chef : Soumaya Benaïssa Directeur de la rédaction : Denis Robert Le site : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 #Médias #Figaro #Hersant

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