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Shrek 4-D POV! | Full Experience - Queue, Pre-show, And Ride! | Universal Orlando


Hello Everyone! This is Ethan, from the Orlando Tourist and in today's video, We have a POV of Shrek 4-D which was filmed on it's last day of operation! Most of these clips can also be found in my vlog that I filmed on it's final operational day. Follow my Social Media: Twitter: 🤍ethanhershaft 🤍 Instagram: 🤍Fl.Themeparkpics 🤍

Shrek 4-D Original Complete Preshow Attraction Video (2003)


In honor of Shrek 4-D closing at Universal Studios Hollywood (August 13, 2017). Thank you for the memories, Cow Missing. PRESHOW: The preshow sequence sets up the show, introduces the characters for those who’ve not seen the film (is there anyone left who hasn’t?) and sets the location deep inside Farquaad’s castle. The Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio are trapped in boxes. We can see the pigs’ eyes and as they wriggle and speak, we can see their boxes move! Then the Magic Mirror updates us on what’s been happening since the first movie. ~ 🤍 "Participants are given their "OgreVision" 3-D Goggles as they enter a dungeon-like room with two giant television screens on either side. While loading the pre-show room attraction presenters commonly make jokes to encourage people to move closer to each other in order to fit the capacity audience in the room. The pre-show begins with the Three Little Pigs, Gingy, and Pinocchio revealing that Lord Farquaad has kidnapped them and is holding them in Castle Duloc's dungeon. The Magic Mirror begins to summarize the story of what happened before (i.e. the first Shrek film) by stating "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." as a spoof on Star Wars. When he is chastised, he quickly responds, "Sorry...I've been feeling really spaced out lately...". After the Mirror finishes, Farquaad appears and states that he intends to torture the fairytale creatures as well as the audience in order to find Shrek and Fiona. The monitor screen later shows a test card with Lord Farquaad in the center. The Mirror then warns the audience about safety. In the Hollywood version (around 2015), Donkey appears in audio-animatronic form and interacts with the guests. With the addition of Donkey, the pre-show is shorter in which it does not feature the recap of the story. Everything else is the same. In the Japan version, the Mirror tells the audience to put on their goggles. The cinema doors are then opened and guests take their seats in the theatre. ABOUT: "Shrek 4-D (also known as Shrek 3-D for the DVD release, and The Ghost of Lord Farquaad for the Netflix release.) is a 4D film at various theme parks around the world. Universal Parks & Resorts is the main licensee of the film which is currently shown at their parks in Hollywood, Florida, Japan, and Singapore. Outside of the Universal parks, the movie was shown at Movie Park Germany in Germany from May 2008 until July 2011, and Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia from September 2005 until August 2010. A spin-off attraction titled Donkey's Photo Finish is located at the Florida venue while Meet Shrek and Donkey is located at the Hollywood venue. In Universal Studios Japan, the attraction is shown in the same theater as Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic, with the Shrek 4-D film shown for the first half of the day, and the Sesame Street film shown for the second half of the day. Cast: Mike Myers - Shrek Eddie Murphy - Donkey Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona John Lithgow - Farquaad Conrad Vernon - Gingy Cody Cameron - Pinocchio / The Three Little Pigs Christopher Knights - Thelonius / Three Blind Mice Amusement park integration: Universal Parks & Resorts have implemented the movie into four of their amusement parks with plans to integrate it into a fifth. The first park to show the film was Universal Studios Hollywood on May 23, 2003. This was followed by Universal Studios Florida and Japan in June. In 2010, the attraction opened in Universal Studios Singapore in the Shrek-themed Far Far Away-themed area. Outside of the Universal Parks, the film has only been shown at two theme parks. Movie Park Germany began showing the film on May 27, 2008 (which was shown in German), with Warner Bros. Movie World starting on September 17, 2005." ~ wikipedia.org Universal Studios Hollywood Operating Dates: May 23, 2003 – August 13, 2017 Project Name: Waffles © 2003 Universal Studios & Dreamworks Animation LLC (🤍 (🤍 (🤍 Posted for entertainment and educational purposes only. No copyrights infringed. All works are the property of the companies listed above. Please do not reproduce without their expressed written consent. #Shrek #Shrek4D #Attraction #Preshow #Audio #Soundtrack #DreamWorks #UniversalCreative #UniversalStudiosHollywood #UniversalOrlando #UniversalStudiosFlorida #UniversalStudiosJapan #UniversalStudiosSingapore #UniversalStudios #CowMissing

Final Showing of Shrek 4D at Universal Studios Hollywood


August 13, 2017, after 14 years of entertaining guests, Shrek 4D has officially closed its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood. An all-new Kung Fu Panda show will be replacing the attraction in the newly themed DreamWorks Theater which is expected to open in 2018.

Final Showing of Shrek 4D - Pre-Show & Finale | Universal Studios Florida


After 18 years, Shrek 4D has officially closed its doors at Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando. The video features the final pre-show and the finale of the last performance for guests. #Shrek #UniversalOrlando #Universal

Shrek 4-D SHOW Universal Studios Hollywood


Especial de Shrek en 4-D en Universal Studios Hollywood CA (Diciembre 28, 2015)

Shrek 4-D - Universal Studios - Orlando - USA


Galera este tambem esta ficando velinho mais ainda vale a pena ver, recomendo a todos Quem gostou curti, compartilha e se escreva no canal

Shrek 4D FULL Preshow at Universal Studios Florida, Universal Orlando Resprt


In honor of Shrek 4D’s final day today, here is the full preshow from the (as of tomorrow, 1/10/22) extinct attraction at Universal Studios Florida. BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE EXCITING VIDEOS!! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK at 🤍 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER at 🤍

Shrek 4-D Final Day at Universal Studios Florida


On January 9th, 2022, after 18 years of operation at Universal Studios Florida, Shrek 4-D closed it's doors forever. Shrek has gone to the great beyond! Just to be perfectly clear. I did record the entire main show perfectly, but YouTube decided because the the entire film can be seen online as "The Ghost of Lord Farquaad" to block my video worldwide unless I clip it out, so I'm real sorry about that.

Universal Studios Props For Sale | Shrek 4D & Harry Potter | Disney Props & Pinocchio Animatronic


Lakeland Antique Mall 3530 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809 Phone: (863) 603-3917 🤍 🤍 Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022 If you Like My Shirts Here is Were you Can Buy Some 🤍 My P.O. BOX IS OPEN again if you want to send me a letter!! Paging Mr Morrow 3211 Vineland Rd PMB# 244 Kissimmee,FL 34746 My Email: Natepmm🤍gmail.com My Instagram: 🤍 If you'd like to help support the Channel you are more than welcome to 😀 and here are some ways you can help!! PayPal 🤍 Patreon 🤍 My Awsome Patreons Gary Hill Randy Jamerson Barry Wallace Kathryn Zaleski Melissa Hancock Shelley VanRenselaar Jeff M Joe Lorah Nicole Curtis Gerald Emily McCoy Maureen Butler-Morin Fran CS Marc R Cassidy Ebert Steve Tipton Tamara Niuatoa Theme park vets Julia Long Rob Reinhardt Andrew Schlosser Frank M. 007 Marilyn, Josh & Colt Meredith Leonard Momma_Lisa1969 Martha Fletcher Judy Salatino Sandi Jerome Ken Lachman PT Bowman Aida Figueroa Stacie M Callaway April Napper Andrew Sean Rogers Bryan Vacinek Amber Higdon Josh Rinehart Aaron Trumbore Kevin Cardwell rachelldanielle Nick Morse Chris Villanueva Bill Serratore Daniel Brough Jackie Gohl Makaria Chthonic Benjamin Haley Holli Tippl Kip G Meseck Peter Mackey Bob Hicks Mike Ferrell Angela Darren Paolo Ciniello Jef Steven Gray John & Lucy Stansberry Mackensey Kubina Aimee & Ryan Ebner Andrew Tait Tobi Scaggs Tim Komosa James Aiken Alex Wells Mary Gater Ty Ty Bear Jason Zak Michael Wheeler Judy Ko Jennifer Durham Frank Corey Mellie Moo Jesse Reed Ryan and Heather C. HP Mystic Maven Kat Adam Puscavage Joann Mui Mandy Felix Jerry & Nancy Day Wayne & Liz Gruen MCW T-Bram Jeff MacConnell Shannon Blakely Lisa Orr Samantha Brown Ed Chapman Heyday Travel Company Jacqueline Anzuini Anne Bay Brian Tapio Annie Garrison Richard & Kathi Baumgarten Bill Byers Kimberley Lewis chad morgan Robert Summers Maddie Penk nancy mccombs Rita Lee Susan Poynton Brittany Karsten Timothy McDonald Jr Lisa walker Sandi Wooley Lisa Desilets Kelly Gazzola Sheyenne Boerker Dio (Dee-Oh) & Steve Castner Laura Will Erika Magnus David P Richarda Moss Friend From TN Jon Brooks Shelley Powers-Pearson Bonnie Wilson Misty Stanton Andrea Luttrell Kelli Sharon Langone Lisa Klukas Michele Lardou Lars Steenberg Maja Christensen Andrea& Brady Hakuna-Mock-tada James Steffenson Emma Still Alma Steinhilber Melanie Watson Michelle Shervino Karlee Tharp Nicky Blakeman Jared Lopez Corinne Savannah Sanders beelsberg Matt Johnson Rich Lazar Stephen McIlhenny James Zieske Terry, Tina, James and Adam Moore Shaun DOM Tonya Gust Al Bob Caryn Haywood kevin way Richard Lauren Youngberg Pam and Greg Jackie Pillinger Dan Hatfield Elissa Schmidt Liam and Polly Jordan-Martin Sue Burnham Jeff Renfrow Andrew Singer Tasha Burns Karin Misdom Mat Saunders Neil Roberts Keith Lousley Tiffany Balbuza Steve W Andrew Frueh James Emory Catherine&Chris Disney Oma Carr Wendy Reinmiller Marcie Lee Jennifer Priest Rupert JT McWilliams Theresa Asperti Kate Francis Stephanie Wheeler Jonathan Wyman Dustin Whitfield Alexondra Lee Ron Fox Tracie Hess Lee Taylor Jennifer Stewart Mark Iori & Cindi Gray Googly BearKEB Rollerblades451 Brian H Rebecca Anderson Jenny Walter Ashley Short Jon May Sara Knight Henthorn Lisa A Jenni Ian Boldsworth Kim Wilson Mat Piscatella Rona and Don Golfen The Cool Family Heather Ludwig Bill Barsh Bobby Tyning Sarah The Williamson Family Kirk Hofeling Josh Sherman_117 Janet S. Ashley Whitaker Stacie Webster Patricia Jean Joy Frye '🤍ftsjonnyrich Blake McAskill Britt Graves Chris and Kim Bond T Marie's Place Chris Yobb Arthur Childs Monica and Jason Keller Jessica Fox ALEXSANDRA WATSON Troy Parker The Zimmermans Mike Wennmacher Prinsez54 Liz W Eric Eggink Bobby Preteau Chad Jennings Rachel Son Stacy Ludwig Ryan Tyler Victoria Thompson ERNIE NOLTE Mike Elliott Tamara and Patrick Tina Spicer Alice, Donald, Candi & Shayli Hiji Tracee Yvette Millard, Esq. aka Mickey is my Spirit Animal Edward Williams Kayla Barnett Kristi Mikle James Connelly Susan, Matthew and Hannah Alley Ann Kennedy Jill Burns Guy Turnquist Shane Hebert Christine Beebe ScubaCat3 Beth C. Jones (Legally Disney ) Jesse Burrows Brock Belinske Tracey Armstrong Thomas Young Mary Place Kari L Noyes

Shrek 4D: The Ghost Of Lord Farquaad - FINAL FAREWELL EXPERIENCE!!!


Join Shrek and Donkey in a daring expedition to rescue Fiona from Farquaad’s ghost! WE WILL MISS YOU, SHREK! YOUR LEGACY LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER! 🥰❤️🎉 I do not own any of the footage, it’s just a final farewell, folks! No copyright Infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners. Thank you, Shrek. Shrek is love, Shrek is LIFE! #shrek #shrek4d #shrekisloveshrekislife

Minions Stand-Gru Attraction Replacing Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida | Everything We Know


Become a Patron: 🤍 The Shrek 4-D replacement at Universal Orlando has not yet been announced, but is expected to open by 2023. It is rumored to be an interactive attraction on a moving belt. Article Version of this Video: 🤍 Join Our Discord: 🤍 Facebook Group: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Second Channel: 🤍 Sources Rise of Gru Trailer: 🤍 Villain-Con Footage: 🤍 Official Twitter Banana Video: 🤍 Halloween Horror Nights Commercial: 🤍 Halloween Horror Nights Clips: 🤍 Moving Walkway Example: 🤍 Moving Walkway Aquarium: 🤍 Additional Aquarium Walkway: 🤍 Moving Walkway USA Pavilion: 🤍 Secret Life of Pets Off the Leash: 🤍 Men in Black: Alien Attack: 🤍 Web Slingers Spider-Man POV: 🤍 #UniversalStudios #Shrek4D #ThemeParks #UniversalOrlando



Shrek 4D: On This Day in Universal Parks History 1/9/2022


©JSLAND 2022

Shrek 4D Preshow - Universal Studios Singapore


Experience the Shrek 4D preshow at Universal Studios Singapore.

The Theme Park History of Shrek 4-D (Universal Studios Hollywood/Florida/Japan/Singapore)


Shrek 4-D is a 4D simulator ride attraction with motion-based effects that opened at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 23rd, 2003, Universal Studios Florida on June 12th, 2003, Universal Studios Japan on June 20th, 2003, and Universal Studios Singapore on March 18th, 2010. Set immediately after the events of the first film, guests embark on an in-your-face fairytale starring everyone’s favorite ogre. 00:00 - Intro 01:45 - History 11:34 - Show 19:52 - Singapore/Closures 24:54 - Outro Support TPH on Patreon! ► 🤍 Follow TPH on Twitter! ►m🤍 Music/Videos/Essay Sources 🤍 SHREK IS LOVE, SHREK IS LIFE

Villain-Con Minion Blast Moving Walkway Attraction Replacing Shrek 4-D at Universal Orlando


Become a Patron: 🤍 This new moving walkway attraction will allow guests to blast targets to earn points, and is replacing Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida Article Version of this Video: 🤍 More Details in Previous Video: 🤍 Second Channel: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Join Our Discord: 🤍 Facebook Group: 🤍 Sources More Details in Previous Video: 🤍 Announcement Press Release: 🤍 Updated Construction Pic: 🤍 Rise of Gru Trailer: 🤍 Villain-Con Footage: 🤍 Moving Walkway Example: 🤍 Moving Walkway Aquarium: 🤍 Additional Aquarium Walkway: 🤍 Moving Walkway USA Pavilion: 🤍 Secret Life of Pets Off the Leash: 🤍 Men in Black: Alien Attack: 🤍 #UniversalStudios #Shrek4D #ThemeParks #UniversalOrlando

Yesterworld: The Strange History of Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios - How ‘Shrek’ Saved DreamWorks


Shrek 4D in the Universal Studios theme parks (and various others) is a 4D film and attraction - and a very interesting piece of theme park history. Today, we explore the full history of Shrek 4-D - from the fascinating backstory behind the groundbreaking film ‘Shrek’ (2001) that made the ride possible, all the way through the remaining locations of Shrek 4D in Universal Studios Orlando, Japan and Singapore today! Donate on Patreon: 🤍 SHOP: 🤍 Follow Quinn on Twitter! (🤍yester_world_q) 🤍 Follow Mark on Twitter! (🤍yester_world) 🤍 Follow Quinn on Instagram! (🤍qknightz) 🤍 Follow Mark on Instagram! (🤍yester_world) 🤍 PODCAST:🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Yesterworld website: 🤍 SOURCES: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 VIDEOS USED: Dreamworks TV - 🤍 Wayne W - 🤍 InsideUniversal - 🤍 🤍 Movie Park Germany - 🤍 Escape AU - 🤍 Oscars - 🤍 Resort Life Singapore - 🤍 TP Percival - 🤍 Shawnofthe80s - 🤍 MaboZuka - 🤍 Sandhill Digger - 🤍 Tyler Crouch - 🤍 Magicaltoon 9464 - 🤍

Puss in Boots Ride - Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park


[4K] Dreamworks Puss in Boots: Giant Journey Roller Coaster Ride at Universal Studios Singapore. "Hop onto the world’s first Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey roller coaster and join Puss and Kitty on this anti-gravity, swashbuckling adventure in search of the legendary golden eggs." - 🤍rwsentosa.com A One-day admission to Universal Studios Singapore is very affordable at only $58 per person whereas it's well over $100+ at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando. For more information and tickets, please visit the official Universal website: 🤍 Video filmed April 2019

Going Inside The Shrek 4-D Theater 2010 Universal Studios Florida


Entering the Shrek 4-D Theater at Universal Studios Florida you see Mirror's Face when you enter the 4-D Show Attraction.

What Will Universal Studios Orlando Replace Shrek 4D With?


Shrek 4D Universal Studios Orlando is set to permanently close in January 2022. With the Shrek 4D ride closure, new Universal Studios Orlando rides are sure to come in the theme park rides place. Universal Studios Florida is strapped for space, so it would be surprising if Universal Studios Shrek 4D wasn't replaced in short order. Though, Shrek Universal Studios Orlando will be staying at Universal Orlando Resort at least for the time being with the Shrek and Donkey meet and greet remaining open. Universal Studios Orlando Shrek 4D ride is one of many Universal Studios rides we will miss, but the new Universal Studios Orlando rides to replace it will be amazing if Universal Orlando can keep up their recent form. Needless to say, as I talk about the Shrek 4D ride replacement, I am optimistic of Universal Studios 2021, Universal Studios Orlando 2021, and so on. So here's to Orlando Universal Studios and the fallen attraction of Shrek 4D! Time Stamps: 00:00 Intro 00:30 Why was Shrek 4D removed? 03:00 Kung Fu Panda & the Dreamworks Theatre 05:16 Minions, Despicable Me, and Villian-Con 08:16 Secret Life of Pets 10:22 Blue Man Group & Paving Over Shrek 12:21 The Future of Shrek at Universal Orlando Video Credit: Universal Studios Florida Shrek 4D Ride Preshow: 🤍 Hagrids Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Universal Studios: 🤍 Bourne Stuntacular Universal Studios Florida: 🤍 Universal Islands of Adventure Orlando Velocicoaster: 🤍 Kung Fu Panda ride Universal Studios Hollywood: 🤍 Minions Land Universal Studios Japan: 🤍 Universal Studios Orlando Rides Montage: 🤍 Secret Life of Pets ride Universal Studios Hollywood: 🤍 Shrek Land Universal Studios Singapore: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

SHREK 4D Ride Props From Universal Studios on SALE | Lakeland Antique Mall


We visited The Lakeland Antique Mall and found Shrek 4D Props From Universal Studios FL. Also Make sure to follow 🤍 Thanks for watching Never miss a MOMENT Like, Subscribe and Ring the 🔔 to get notifications on new Livestreams and Vlogs! = Don't Forget to Follow Us on: - INSTAGRAM: 🤍 - FACEBOOK: 🤍 -TWITTER: 🤍 - TIKTOK: 🤍 Mail: Drew In The Moment 6000 S.Florida Ave PO BOX 6664 Lakeland, FL 33813 WAYS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! - PATREON: 🤍 - PAYPAL: 🤍 - VENMO: 🤍 - YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP: 🤍 - SHOP NOW: 🤍 (Drew in the Moment Merchandise) Hey Drew Crew! Did you know we have a GROUP Drew in the Moment page? Check it out for our YouTube channel news and daily positive vibes. Find it right here: 🤍 * Thank you so much for the support It means the world to me and Queen V This helps us to bring you to the Parks more and bring you more Live Streams. This Channel is all about fun, love and living in the moment. A Lot of Disney videos and others that are not but they are all meant to be fun and hopefully enjoyable for you. My channel DOES NOT promote the negative, ONLY positivity and things that make us smile and feel good. Don't Forget to Hit that subscribe button and 🔔. - 🤍

Shrek 4D Is Closing FOREVER In 2022 | Universal Studios Orlando Latest News


​​In this video, we talk about the latest Universal Orlando news! Universal Studios Orlando announced Wednesday that Shrek 4D will be closing FOREVER! And of course, this news has everyone wondering, what comes next?? So in today’s video we talk about this Universal Studios breaking news, and discuss what WE think might be coming to replace Shrek 4D. We talk about ride replacements from other Universal Studios parks, and replacements that we honestly would just like to see come to the Universal Orlando Resort. We also talk about the Universal Studios news that Revenge of the Mummy is going down for an extensive refurbishment. Check it out! If you would like to help support our channel further, here are some ways to do that! PATREON: We just launched our Patreon featuring some awesome perks like a private Facebook group, live monthly Q&A’s, Patron-only posts, merch discounts and MORE! 🤍 MERCH: We just launched our new Pugh Crew merch! You can get everything from a t-shirt & socks to a fanny pack or coffee mug. Check it out! 🤍 TRAVEL PLANNING: Anna is now working as a travel agent! If you’re looking for some help booking your next Universal vacation, she would love to help. Send her an email at anna🤍annapughtravels.com to start the conversation! We not only talk about the Universal Studios Orlando latest news, we also discuss ALL kinds of travel tips & tricks for Universal Studios Orlando 2021! So if you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando Resort and are looking for some tips & tricks to help you along the way, check out our Universal Orlando Trip Planning Guide! This playlist is full of Universal Studios travel tips on things like the on-site hotels, express passes, the Universal Dining Plans, & more! PLUS, you’ll want to make sure you subscribe to see our future videos and tips as well! UNIVERSAL ORLANDO VACATION PLANNING GUIDE: 🤍 The Pugh Two Shipping Address: Tyler & Anna P.O. Box 1341 Cookeville, TN 38503 Here are the links to some specific videos in the playlist, too! EXPRESS PASS VIDEO: 🤍 ON-SITE HOTELS VIDEO: 🤍 DINING PLAN VIDEO: 🤍 BEST TIME TO VISIT VIDEO: 🤍 AVOIDING THE CROWDS VIDEO: 🤍 FREE Amazon Prime 30 Day Trial: 🤍 Our Vlogging Setup: 1. Canon M6 Mark II: 🤍 2. Rode VideoMic Go: 🤍 3. Amazon Basics Boom Stand: 🤍 4. ESDDI LED Light: 🤍 5. Neewer 1350W Softbox Light: 🤍 6. JOBY Gorillapod 3kg Pro: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we'll receive a small commission. Credits: Some footage property of Universal Orlando Resort/Universal Studios Hollywood #ThePughTwo #UniversalStudiosOrlando #UniversalOrlandoResort

[FOUND] Shrek 4-D Lost Media “Sugar Sugar” Cover (Universal Studios Florida/Hollywood)


I’ve been looking for this cover for quite awhile and I’ve finally been able to piece together bits of the song from past recordings of the show. This was a song that would play for roughly over thirty seconds as guests would exit the theatre. Because of its length and placement, recordings were often muffled with voice-over from announcers. This assemblage was the best I could gather. I’m very happy to share this with you guys in hopes of creating even better recordings of the song and perhaps finding the real, full version of “Sugar Sugar” from the show. A huge shout out to The Lost Media Wiki for helping me create this! Thanks for all your help! 😊



On 8/13/2017, Shrek 4D has officially closed its doors at Universal Studios Hollywood. During one of my trips from a few years ago, I managed to record the pre-show so here it is. Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Letterboxd: 🤍 Geeked Out Nation: 🤍 Riff.TV: 🤍 Moviepilot: 🤍

Shrek 4-D Closing Night Experience! My First Time Ever Riding! What Is Coming Next? Closing Party!


Shrek 4-D has closed its doors forever and we were there on its final night of operation to experience this attraction for our very first time and the last time! We met up with Jackie Super Enthused and Sam from Expedition Theme Park to be one of the very last guests to experience this attraction! Support Us On Patreon: 🤍 WE HAVE A PO BOX! SEND US A POSTCARD! Adrian Vasquez PO Box 1639 Riverview Fl 33568 💸 Want To Have Your Comment Read On Stream? DONATE HERE! 🤍 🔴 Live Stream Playlist: 🤍 👕Visit Our Shop: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 For Business Inquiries: themeparkexpress🤍gmail.com #shrek4D #shrek #universalstudios

Universal Studios Hollywood - Shrek 4-D - TV Commercial (2001)


Television commercial for Universal Studios Hollywood circa 2001. Seen in the video: Terminator 2: 3D Shrek 4-D Gladiator (2000) Jurassic Park The Ride Dora the Explorer Nickelodeon Blast Zone Revenge of The Mummy The Ride WaterWorld: A Live Sea War Spectacular Universal CityWalk Hollywood © Universal Studios. All rights reserved. (🤍 Posted for entertainment and educational purposes only. No copyrights infringed. All works property of the company listed above. Please do not reproduce without their expressed written consent. Universal Studios Hollywood is "The Entertainment Capital of L.A." and the only movie and television-based theme park to offer guests the authenticity of a working movie studio, bringing the magic of Hollywood to life. Universal Studios Hollywood includes a full-day, movie-based theme park and Studio Tour; the CityWalk entertainment, shopping and dining complex, the Universal CityWalk Cinemas and the "5 Towers" state-of-the-art outdoor concert venue. World-class rides and attractions include the popular "Despicable Me Minion Mayhem" family adventure ride, the intense, award-winning ride, "King Kong 360 3-D" on the famed behind-the-scenes Studio Tour, the critically-acclaimed mega-attraction, Transformers™: The Ride-3D," "The Simpsons Ride™," "Revenge of the Mummy SM - The Ride" and "Jurassic Park® - The Ride." About Universal Parks & Resorts Universal Parks & Resorts, a unit of Comcast NBCUniversal, offers guests around the globe today’s most relevant and popular entertainment experiences. With three-time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg as creative consultant, its theme parks are known for immersive experiences that feature some of the world’s most thrilling and technologically advanced film- and television-based attractions. Comcast NBCUniversal wholly owns Universal Studios Hollywood, which includes Universal CityWalk Hollywood. It also owns Universal Orlando Resort, a destination resort with two theme parks (Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure), four resort hotels, and Universal CityWalk Orlando. In addition, Comcast NBCUniversal owns a majority interest in Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka and has a license agreement with Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. The company has also announced plans for a theme park in Beijing. #UniversalParks #SpecialEffects #UniversalStudiosHollywood #UniversalStudios #UniversalPictures #WaterWorld #Medai #Shrek4D #NBCUniversal #SoundStage #StudioTour #CityWalk #Hollywood #UniversalCreative #CowMissing

Moving Walkway Attraction Replacing Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida


🤍 The possible Minions Villain-Con moving walkway attraction replacing Shrek 4-D may have just been confirmed by official documents! But what is this stand-through ride experience rumored to be like? Article Version of this video: 🤍 Join Our Discord: 🤍 Facebook Group: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Second Channel: 🤍 Sources Rise of Gru Trailer: 🤍 Official Twitter Banana Tweets: 🤍 Official Twitter Tweet Video: 🤍 Villain-Con Footage: 🤍 Moving Walkways Clip: 🤍 Moving Walkway Aquarium: 🤍 Additional Aquarium Walkway: 🤍 Halloween Horror Nights Clips: 🤍 #UniversalStudios #ThemeParks #Shrek4D

Matthew Serrano Tells Donkey About Shrek 4D is closing in Orlando Florida. @YouTube


Original Upload Date October 7th 2021 Eddie Murphy: Donkey Matthew Serrano: Self [This video will never be gone]

Goodbye To Shrek 4D At Universal Orlando


On January 10th universal closed shrek 4d for good. January 9th was the last day of operation and we got to see it one last time after 18 years.

Universal Studios Shrek 4-D CLOSING DAY 2022! Pre-Show, Queue, Gift Shop, Crowd & Final Shows!


Universal Studios Florida Shrek 4-D attraction CLOSING DAY! We experience the closing day of this beloved attraction after 18 years at Universal Studios Orlando. This video documents the day, the themed queue area, funny pre-show, the gift shop which is also closing, and the excitement and fanfare of a closing day. Any opening or closing day is a historic day in theme park history, lots of fans come out to be part of the event and share their excitement. We also chat with Donkey, try some of the limited time food offerings, and simply enjoy being there. I hope you enjoy the experience of being with us for this and hope that this video preserves some of the memories of Shrek 4-D, as well as our excitement for what's to come next. This is different than a normal video but it's a day I simply wished to document as-is. Hope you enjoy, see you for the next video :) Welcome to Super Enthused! My name is Jackie and I bring you along as we visit fun and unique travel destinations, theme parks and attractions, road trips, resort tours and so much more. Based in Orlando, FL, I bring you regular updates from Florida's best attractions PLUS travel to new and exciting places - including the USA, UK, Europe and beyond! I hope you enjoy the videos, thanks for being here! ❤️

Shrek 4-D Review- Universal Orlando Reviews Episode 9


This is one of my least favorite rides at universal Studios Florida and in fact Universal Orlando Resort as a whole. Today, I will explain why. Shrek 4-D (also known as Shrek 3-D for the DVD release and The Ghost of Lord Farquaad for the Netflix and other streaming releases) is a 4D simulator ride attraction with motion-based effects[14] and water sprayers located at various theme parks around the world. It is currently shown at Universal Parks & Resorts in Florida,[13] Japan,[15] Singapore,[16] and previously in Hollywood,[17] where it closed on August 13, 2017 to make way for the DreamWorks Theatre attraction. Outside the Universal parks, the movie was shown at Movie Park Germany in Germany from May 2008 until July 2011, and Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia from September 2005 until August 2010. A spin-off attraction titled Donkey's Photo Finish is located at the Florida venue while Meet Shrek and Donkey is located at the Hollywood venue. In Universal Studios Japan, the attraction is shown in the same theater as Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic, with the Shrek 4-D film shown for the first half of the day, and the Sesame Street film shown for the second half of the day. The ride, set quite a bit after the events of the first film, follows Shrek and Donkey as they attempt to rescue Princess Fiona from Lord Farquaad's ghost, who plots to kill his mum.

Shrek 4-D Shop | Dreamworks Store in Universal Studios Orlando


We tour the Shrek 4-D store which has lots of Dreamworks Merchandise inside Universal Studios Orlando. You can either enter the store on the side of the building or after you exit the show. It has lots of Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Trolls, Madagascar, and Kung Fu Panda merch. What other Universal Orlando stores would you like to see? For more theme park fun, follow us on Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/epicfamilyquests Video trying the various cotton candy from store: 🤍 #epicfamilyquests

Shrek 4D Is Closing FOREVER At Universal Studios


Who's chopping onions? I'm at Universal Orlando in full Shrek gear to celebrate 18 years of Shrek 4D, a classic 3D attraction that'll soon be closing its doors forever in the parks. To honor this shrekcellent ride I'm doing it 4 times in a row (like *4D*), hanging out with Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey, and sharing my thoughts on why a ride like this closes at Universal Studios. I'll miss you Shrek 4D! Wachow! Here's what happens: 00:00 Intro 01:46 First Ride and a Gift from Donkey 05:45 Meeting the Shrek Gang and Ride #2 08:02 Gift Shop Exploring and Ride #3 11:33 Why is Shrek Closing? Ride #4 14:00 Shrek 4D Eulogy and Dance Tribute - My Instagram: instagram.com/vincentvision -Questions, comments, concerns? E-mail me: vincentvision4d🤍gmail.com -Support the Vision: paypal.me/vincentvision Thank YOU for watching VincentVision (wachow!), where every week I share you my adventures in Orlando, Florida, regions beyond, galaxies far far away...you name it! Join in on the fun and be sure to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Shrek 4-D - Preshow Audio (Universal Studios Orlando)


Preshow Audio from Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Orlando

Touring around Shrek 4D at Universal Studios Hollywood


Before Shrek 4D finally closed on Aug 13, 2017 at Universal Studios Hollywood, we were able to walk around the queue, pre-show, and theater one final time.

Why Universal Studios Orlando Needs More Minions


Universal Studios Orlando appears to be bringing more Despicable Me Minions to Universal Orlando Resort. Both Shrek 4D and the Classic Monsters Cafe have Minion work walls surrounding them. As Universal Studios Orlando 2022 is lacking in family-friendly theme park rides and attractions, it makes sense to create a mini Minions theme park land. Though there are detractors, it seems Universal Orlando 2022 and all Orlando theme parks will be much better off with more minions. Video Credit: Despicable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando: 🤍 Universal Studios Florida Shrek 4D Ride Preshow: 🤍 Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe Tour: 🤍 Minions Land Universal Studios Japan: 🤍 Dr Seuss Land Universal Studios Orlando, Seuss Landing: 🤍 The Lost Continent Islands of Adventure Orlando: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

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