the feels train is real... | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 3



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the feels train is real... | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 3
the feels train is real... | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 3
the feels train is real... | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 3
the feels train is real... | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 3
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2023-11-09 03:08:22

Only 697 likes😢

2023-05-11 18:57:00

Eydxdgf43n0&t=5m10s 5:10 that looks like suminagashi, or japanese water and ink printing

2023-04-30 09:29:10

Keep up the good work 🔝

2022-10-15 15:55:30

This is in the wrong playlist

2022-10-10 14:23:09

I'm watching this while playing a demon slayer mod in minecraft lol

2022-10-02 23:13:53

Probably not a normal nap because of all the ropes and choking...

2022-07-29 17:42:08

These videos are a must! Good stuff

2022-07-27 18:57:22

Would love to see your jjk comparison

2022-07-25 20:25:15

This videos are just amaizing... thanks for making it

2022-07-25 10:57:57

Great video! Really brought me back to Tanjiro's tragedy, and I always love getting as many animation cuts' breakdowns as possible.

2022-07-25 03:26:18

Hey the comparison was truly amazing😍❤️
I learner about lot more things here, Demon Slayer really needs a narrator but at the same time it would look weird if they hired one

That Tanjiro's father coming in was the thing I was shocked the most, the narrator in the manga explained it really well like it's not his father but Tanjiro's instincts that are actually taking the shape of his father

Really thanks for that Registry-San

2022-07-25 01:30:54

Is it weird that I wanted Zenitsu to have a dark dream? Huh, love really does change people

2022-07-25 00:47:54

amazing vid! i really love how you go into ufotable's animation

2022-07-24 23:30:04

Great work! I always click these videos without fail. I've learned so much from them. I'm only a casual anime viewer, but one can never be poorer for knowledge. I now find myself appreciating the incredible work that goes into each scene in a way that I couldn't before.
Have you thought of covering Hunter x Hunter? That way you could compare the manga and 2 different anime adaptions from 2 different times. I'd love to see the evolution of animation techniques from one adaptation to the next.

2022-07-24 23:03:06


2022-07-24 20:31:31

thanks for the video

2022-07-24 20:08:29

Amazing video! I really hope your subs count goes up soon! You have it well deserved ✌️

2022-07-24 19:58:29

Eydxdgf43n0&t=13m39s 13:39 Thats a lie, he has 3 older brothers

2022-07-24 19:24:31

Do you ever do Blu Ray Comparisons?

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