What if Gyokko Was Sent to the Mugen Train Instead of Akaza 🔥 I The AnimeScript

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The AnimeScript

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What if Gyokko was Sent to the Mugen Train to kill kill Tanjiro instead of Akaza? How would it change the story? Watch the full video to find out and as always, make sure to like and subscribe! Hope you like this demon slayer video!》Please Like, Subscribe and Turn on the notification bell on my channel so you will be updated every time of my new video. 》You can also comments what video you want me to create, I'll gladly create your thoughts 》I personally create each and every single video of this channel. Each video requires a lot of research and editing so that it is both appealing, interesting and 100% accurate. It usually takes me between 8-9 hours to prepare a single video using the Adobe Package Softwares and Microsoft. Can u believe it?! All my content adds significant value (both educational & entertaining value) to all media (images) used. The content used is transformative in nature and unique, as I am always trying to adapt and implement as many original ideas as I possibly can, while I abide with YouTube's Community Guidelines and Monetization Policies! 》These are what I use to create my videos: 》Microsoft PowerPoint 》Adobe Photoshop 》Adobe Premiere Pro 》Adobe After Effects 》Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commentupp, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. #gyokko #mugentrain #akaza #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba #rengoku #whatif #demonslayerwhatif

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What if Gyokko Was Sent to the Mugen Train Instead of Akaza 🔥 I The AnimeScript
What if Gyokko Was Sent to the Mugen Train Instead of Akaza 🔥 I The AnimeScript
What if Gyokko Was Sent to the Mugen Train Instead of Akaza 🔥 I The AnimeScript
What if Gyokko Was Sent to the Mugen Train Instead of Akaza 🔥 I The AnimeScript
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-08-10 20:21:14

Rengoku would be destroyed by Gyokko like how he did Muichiro until the mark

2023-07-10 14:03:27

Nahhhhhh Muichiro won't die BECAUSE HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL😂😂😂

2023-07-09 18:02:51

I dont believe the Last past. Kyojuro Will die, Because someone must have be face to face against Kokushibo, in this reality, Rengoku. Meaning that he Will lose something against Kokushibo, and I bet his right arm and eye. With this, during Muzan final fight he Will die after rescue Tanjro.

2023-07-08 22:22:42

I actually don’t think akaza will behead gyokko but I’d say he beats him until sunlight

2023-07-03 09:34:25

Kokushibo never died on his own free will, he even tried to keep regenerating after getting beheaded but after a certain point he couldn't do it anymore due to his willpower getting weaker

2023-07-01 10:33:04

no one know the news of swordsmith village because gyokko die

2023-06-29 14:31:08

if base muichiro was pretty much helpless against gyokko then there’s no way rengoku is killing gyokko

2023-06-28 06:52:39

Muichiro wouldn't die but awaken his mark since he was able to keep up with kokushibo with his mark

2023-06-25 12:25:45

No way rengoku could win 1v1 against gyokko without ds mark 💀

2023-06-25 12:22:50

Yes truely rengoku will surely praise gyokku art of alive and death humans inside of a single pot completely crushed humans . Lol

2023-06-25 02:29:01

All the hashiras except tengen would die yeah demon slayer mark affect

2023-06-25 00:56:10

if gyokko had died swordsmith village arc wouldn't even exist

2023-06-24 07:59:09

You mean Renguko, a midlevel hashira in the current era is able to kill an uppermoon (that's been killing multiple hashiras) all by himself without even achieving a mark? u joking man

2023-06-22 02:41:39

Cap muichiro can defeat akaza because of his petite body

2023-06-19 15:51:12

Rengoku would die bc he doesnt have the slayer mark since tanjiro didnt get it yet and without that there is no shot at killing an upper moon

2023-06-19 09:55:50

Rengoku will be easily claps than rengoku and the other hashira like obanai n giyu but the fighting not happened

2023-06-18 20:53:01

Also, wouldn't entertainment district arc be "easier" because by then tanjiro, zenitsu, and inosuke would have been trained by rengoku instead of training by themselves?

2023-06-17 00:07:14

How is nobody noticing that in the thumbnail you can literally see the color change from muichiros box when you move your head

2023-06-16 06:55:47

Wait but tanjiro only beat amaze because of rengokus fighting spirit which tanjiro learned to conceal😅

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