Why UfoTable is the BEST Animation Studio | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 4



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This is why UfoTable gets the big bucks...so they can spend it on Genshin Impact :P 💗Reaction Videos & Un-censored versions: 🤍🤍patreon.com/registryedits 😀 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍🤍youtube.com/🤍EditsRegistry/?sub_confirmation=1 👉UPDATES: 🤍twitter.com/EditsRegistry 💙DONATE: 🤍streamlabs.com/editsregistry/tip Video Guidelines: ① THIS VIDEO IS SPOILER FREE. No information for future manga chapters will be shared. When discussing any discrepancies in the story telling layout, the video will first and foremost follow the narrative beat of the anime. ② Any and all line changes will be referenced from the Japanese versions of both the manga and the anime. Official English translations will then be shown as examples. If the Japanese grammar has only changed slightly, it will not be mentioned. ③ Minute differences between both versions won't always be mentioned, such as revised background art, slightly different facial expressions, character repositioning, and transitional animation to close the gap between manga panels. If they play a big enough role in impacting the narrative however, they will be mentioned. ④ Accreditation for key animation and the like is subject to change as new information comes to light and will be added to the video description. ⑤ This video seeks to be as unbiased as humanly possible. Each version has its pros and cons and those facts will be laid out in a morally conscious and fair manner. Most importantly...I'm not infallible. I make mistakes sometimes. Make sure to let me know if you think I got something wrong and I'll try to fix it next time. Take care everyone :) Music by White Bat Audio

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Why UfoTable is the BEST Animation Studio | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 4
Why UfoTable is the BEST Animation Studio | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 4
Why UfoTable is the BEST Animation Studio | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 4
Why UfoTable is the BEST Animation Studio | Mugen Train Manga Comparison Ep 4
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2023-07-11 13:37:11

Somehow the report touched very little about what really matters and why they are making these changes:
Labor shortage.

2023-06-03 13:19:20

Tanjiro gave homie a spirit sprit??

2023-05-18 22:27:27

Some Ufotable haters are sprouting somewhere and they don't know shit about animation and I worked one

2023-04-30 09:29:26

Keep up the good work 🔝

2023-04-10 09:49:30

Ufotable slaps 🛐

2022-12-09 19:55:20

Being within the VFX community for a while, I am sure that Enmu's attacks utilizes certain assets from Video Copilot's Shockwave pack. Which was pretty cool to witness back then and am glad to see this being used by anime studios.

2022-12-07 22:59:10

mappa, wit, madhouse, gainax, toei, kyoto, trigger, and bones says “hold my beer”

2022-11-24 04:09:26

Ufotable animation is visually appealing that's it. Its like a laser light show. More effects and less animation. I mean what they do is great (composting is clearly their forte) but actual animation is mid to me. They just compensate it with camera angles, special effects and their mastery of composting which results in this rainbow esque explosion hitting your eyes.

2022-11-22 15:37:04

One Word

2022-11-20 09:21:04

Now they need to remake the original fate stay night route

2022-11-20 09:19:11

Someone doesn't know how to pronounce ufOtable

2022-11-05 17:53:01

When are you gonna drop part4?

2022-11-05 00:15:49

Imagine if ufotable animated aot s4

2022-10-11 13:57:47

hello, thank you for your videos, its amazing !
I would like to know if its possible to learn animation in my own country (France), by myself, and when im ready with my skills, go to japan and show my portfolio to studios. I heard that you dont necessary need to have a degree to start working for a studio.

thank you very much !

2022-09-30 13:22:36

Is the claim even neccesary? 😭 theres no other competition

2022-09-25 23:06:43

jujutsu kaisen 0 manga comparison next 🙏

2022-09-25 09:57:30

season 3 gon be immaculate

2022-09-24 13:49:53

dude i really love when you talking about demon slayer and ufotable
its educational and fun for me. you can really make people appreciate how hard is animation. keep up the good work

2022-09-22 02:59:09

Excellent video bro. Please keep up your grind and stay positive

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